Pinning is Winning; Using Pinterest to Save Money

One of the newest websites that has caught our attention is, a virtual pinboard where users can share cute pictures, funny videos and become creatively inspired. The user interface is easy to navigate once you familiarize yourself with the functions available to you.

Users can browse through categories such as home décor, food and drink, pets as they re-Pin images uploaded by other users. Pinners are also able to search out recipes or creative projects online and re-Pin them to their own Pinboards.

For quick and easy pinning, we suggest you install the “Pin It” link to your toolbar so you can Pin that pair of shoes you just have to buy (might I suggest these?) To get you started, here’s a video how-to on installing the Pin It button:

One of my most favourite kinds of Pin subjects relates to DIY (do it yourself) projects and ideas for people living on small budgets. Frequently I come across projects that repurpose or reuse things like mason jars, bicycle frames, wooden crates, and turn them into something useful as well as beautiful. Pinterest IdeasIdeas such as these are eco-friendly and practical, but additionally they allow users to save the money they might otherwise spend on buying these things new.

Specific Pinboards can be devoted to DIY projects and household tips, while others might focus on fashion or beauty. Users are able to “follow” all of a Pinner’s boards, or select ones which they find pertain to their interests. Pinner Kristen G of Montreal, QC explains that Pinterest offers its users new and exciting ideas that highlight personal interests and inspire creativity, “They have projects that I can do that are unique, but still allow me to be eco-friendly and use things I’ve already got around the apartment. It’s great and people really appreciate the personal touches if I make them gifts or something.”

Kristen has a Pinterest board where she collects Pins relating to DIY projects and creative solutions. She adds that, “I would much rather make something or learn a skill than buying things at a store for a lot of money while not gaining any experience.” To see what else Kristen has been up to on Pinterest, check out her collection of Pinboards here.
Pinterest Mason Jars

Following the popular trend of extreme couponing, (not familiar with this trend? Check out, a Canadian-friendly how-to coupon site or read our article on extreme couponing) some Pinners share links to blog sites that feature printable coupons and voucher codes for various products and services. This is an admirable service for the coupon-newbie since the process can be overwhelming at first. However, a quick search for the word “coupon” reveals a plethora or boards and Pins dedicated to the fine art of couponing. Go get your coupon on! Pinterest Coupons

Pinterest is also a great way for individuals who maintain personal blogs to promote their site without the hassle of AdSense or advertising fees. This is handy for bloggers working with fixed savings but still want to attract visitors. The way Pinners network by sharing, re-Pinning, and liking posts helps the amateur blogger reach more people quickly without additional financial burdens. Like any good social media venture, Pinterest makes it easier for like-minded individuals to share and contribute to something larger without a great deal of time or financial investment. It really is about getting something for nothing. And hey, who doesn’t like free stuff?

It seems that there’s a Pin for everyone and everything but especially for those looking to be creative while cutting costs. Whether you’re planning an event (Pinterest has some really great DIY wedding projects that will save you money without sacrificing style. How about an Oreo wedding cake, anyone?) or trying to figure out what to do with those empty Mason jars, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for. Here (1) are (2) some fun (3) boards (4) featuring tips for saving and DIY blogs that might inspire you to join in on the Pinning fun.

If you want to see some of the things staff at vouchercodes has been Pinning, follow our Pinterest account. You’ll pick up some great tips on saving and get to check out products Canadians love. Keep calm and Pin on, folks!

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