Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day falling on Sunday, May 14th in 2017, the time has definitely come to get cracking on the perfect gift for the most special woman in your life. In the event that you’re completely stumped on which direction to take this year with your present, take a look at the following Mother’s Day gift ideas for some inspiration.

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Colorful DaisiesA beautiful way of showing appreciation for the best woman in your life is through flowers. Granted, it may be seen slightly cheesy, but fact is that most women, though they may never admit it, love receiving flowers. Although you first need to figure out her favorite type, you can always go with a colorful and large bouquet, such as the one on the right.

We do suggest that you still get an actual present — if only just a box of her favorite chocolates!


Although a potentially obvious gift idea, jewelry is universally much appreciated. The key here is to go with something that has meaning. If her absolute favorite color is blue, then perhaps a nice bracelet with blue gemstones might do the trick. Otherwise, there’s always the option of putting her birthstone in full display.

Mom Keychain

In the rare event that she’s not particularly fond of any kind of jewelry, then a keychain may be an option as well to demonstrate your love for her. To make it even more special, you can use pennies from your birth year to make a keychain, such as in the picture on the left.

Spa/ Beauty Salon

Spa TripTangible gifts are great but what about an actual trip to a spa or beauty salon? Although a one-time use kind of a gift, she’s sure to greatly appreciate the idea of taking a day to herself and getting pampered to the max. This especially holds true when you take into consideration everything your mother has done for you over the years from the cooking to cleaning — the list undoubtedly goes on and on.

For the moms who are fans of getting their nails done, then a trip to a beauty salon or perhaps a spa that offers manicures and pedicures may be a worthwhile idea as well. Certain spa marketplaces such as Wayspa even allow for their gift certificates to be redeemed at any spa of the recipients choosing.

Photo Books/ Album

Photo BookIf you have the time to invest into creating one, a photo book or album is one of those highly thoughtful gifts that your mom is sure to love and best of all, show off every time guests come over. Photo services such as Snapfish Canada, Blurb, My Publisher and many others simplify the process by allowing customers to choose from a variety of book bindings, image presentation layouts and other cool features that are definitely worth checking out.

Another great idea is to make a photo book of all her favorite recipes with a picture for each.

Specialized Gifts

Does your mom have a hobby in the form of gardening, cooking, baking, traveling, working out or any other activity that she absolutely can not separate herself from? Consider yourself lucky if the answer is yes because that automatically simplifies your task this Mother’s Day as you simply need to cater to her favorite activity!

Gardening Gift

If she’s a gardener, any new pot, gloves or even hose could definitely put a huge smile on her face. If she hasn’t already invested into some, you could even get her a couple of knee pads to relieve the stress on her legs and back. Alternatively, for the the sporty moms, any sports store is sure to provide you with inspiring gift ideas.


Sony eReaderFor the mothers that are tech-savvy, the latest smarthphone, tablet or laptop could all make for great ideas. On a smaller scaled budget, eReaders are fantastic for book lovers, especially when taking into consideration that it’s more than just a purchase: it’s an investment.


A rather tricky gift choice, clothes can either be a tremendous hit or the biggest of flops. Our advice is that unless you’re one hundred percent sure about your mom’s size and taste, then maybe it’s best to move on to the next gift idea.

Alternatively however, sleepwear could make for a good Mother’s Day gift, especially comfy slippers to wear around the house.

At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts and not necessarily the associated price tags. It isn’t advisable to buy something just for the sake of getting something because moms are sure to see right through it and the gift might lose significance. Instead, focus on what she likes and enjoys doing: it can be as easy as a gift card to her favorite coffee shop!

Happy Mother's Day

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