Mother’s Day: Frugal Gift Ideas

Are you running on a low budget this year, but you would still like to offer to your mom a little something special for mother’s day? Find all about our best frugal gift ideas for mother’s day here.

These ideas are based on the principle that moms, well mine at least, love to spend time with their kids and they appreciate more a gift that we made ourselves. It’s true, just investing time in a gift shows that you truly care I think.

This is my list of gifts ideas, but we would really like to hear your suggestions as well.

1- Bouquet of flowers from your garden

The weather has been pretty cold this spring which means that it might be hard to give a bouquet with the plants from your garden right now. But if you have tulips or daffodils, then I’m sure you can create something really nice.

2- Surprise meal

What about you show up at your mom’s place with all the ingredients to make her a nice breakfast? Pancakes with fruits and syrup, blueberry waffles or whatever she likes. She can then sit down and relax while you’re cooking for her.

3- Pictures of the family

Print a picture of you and her or of the family together and put it in a nice frame. If you want to save money on the frame, you can always find some really nice ones in second-hand stores. And you can always paint it if you don’t like the colour.

4- Personal Service

Everyone have activities and obligations they don’t like to do. What about you propose your services to her for an entire day? You could take care of changing the tires on the car (if you know how to do that of course ;), cut the grass, do the laundry, help her clean the garage, etc. Anything that you could help her with and that would make her life easier, but also something that would allow you two to spend quality time together.

5- Handmade card or drawing

If you have any talent for arts and crafts or if you have kids, then this could be a perfect gift for your mom. This is simple to do and it is something she could put on her fridge, board or wall to remind her how lucky she is to have such a nice family.

When it comes to making crafts, there are a bunch of cool ideas on Vouchercodes Pinterest page. This could give you plenty of additional gift ideas that you could make, such as a terra cotta pot painted by you, paper flowers made out of book pages, flower garlands and many more.

Unfortunately, if you’re more tight with your time than with your budget, you can always buy her flowers, bring her to the restaurant, buy her jewellery, etc. The important thing I think is to show to your mom that you thought about her and that you appreciate everything she has done for you.

Happy mother’s day to all the moms!

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