How to Make Easter Decorations?

There is just one week left before Easter! And I’m sure that a lot of people still haven’t bought anything for Easter yet, just like me… A great activity to do with your kids this weekend is probably to make your own Easter decorations.

I remember when I was young I used to spend a day with my mom decorating eggs and I absolutely loved it. So, find in this post a few decoration tips and ideas to save some money this Easter. We want to make sure that you’ll make the most out of every special occasion!

Easter Eggs

First thing first, don’t forget to empty your eggshells before decorating them, otherwise chances are that they will stink by next weekend ;) In order to do that, the easiest technique that I’ve always seen my mom use is to pierce a hole, using a needle, at both sides of the egg (one bigger & one smaller). Then simply blow in the egg in the smaller hole to push the liquid out of the eggshell. You can then use the egg to make Easter cookies for your kids or anything else you fancy. No waste!

Before starting with the egg decoration, it’s probably a good idea to remind your kids that the egg shell is really fragile, so they will need to manipulate it very carefully. But incidents will probably happen ;) You can always use an eggcup to hold the egg in place while decorating it. There are a lot of things that you can use to decorate eggs. You can use paint or color pencils, you can paste fabric, stamps or even newspaper! You can draw some fancy designs or turn your eggs into Easter animals such as chicken or pigs. You could also paste dry flowers and plants to create a more rustic look. Use your creativity and more importantly have fun!

When your kids are done decorating their egg shells, you can place them in a basket fill in with straws. You can even build your own basket in the shape of a bunny or a flower using pastel color cardboard. Or what about you decorate the old pink and yellow basket that you have with with fake flowers? The most important thing is probably to place the eggs where your kids will be able to see them to make them proud of what they did.

Crafts & Decor

Depending on if you’re hosting an Easter eggs hunt or a brunch with your family, you might want to decorate your table and/or your backyard to create a fantastic Easter atmosphere that kids will remember. For the table, what about creating centrepieces with eggshells filled in with fresh flowers or use eggcup as vases? Or simply decorate your table with a stunning yellow or purple flower bouquet.

You can also create an Easter tree by hanging decorated eggs on branches. Simply paste a cute ribbon at the top of every egg and then you’re ready to create your own Easter tree. If you’re eating outside and you want to make sure your tablecloth will actually stay on the table, hang plastic eggs filled in with candies at every corner of the tablecloth. These are only a few simple and easy ideas that could really help you have a superb Easter setting.

Other Easter Decorations Ideas

These are other websites that you might want to check out in order to find more ideas for Easter decorations. For all the website that I’ve checked, these are my favorite ones.

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