How to Choose your First DSLR Camera?

“Hey, Ocean, I like your photos! Which camera did you use? I am thinking about buying a DSLR too, but don’t know which one to get :( “It seems that my photos are well received amongst my friends, thus I’ve been asked this question several times, even though I know nothing about photography.

I asked a professional photographer friend for a recommendation before buying my first DSLR. He told me many photography tips, which were over my head at the time, so he sent me to a photography forum to do research.

Well, as I said before, I know nothing about photography, and I’m kind of lazy and impatient to learn it. I just hoped a DSLR could help me to take better photos. So, if you’re like me, then this is the right article for you. I am going to share my unprofessional but practical experience.

List Your Requirements

Buying a DSLR camera is like looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend. So, the first step is to list what you want from your DSLR. Of course, the first should be to take better photos. I believe that all DSLR cameras can help you with better photo quality and performance then a normal digital camera. What else? Do you need to take video? It must be very light? Any prefered brand? Vari-angle/large LCD? Good-looking design? As cheap as possible? Oh, this is very important for me, I’ll share some budget saving information later.

Anyway, list your requirements. It can also help you to narrow down your choices from this list: 2012 Best Entry-Level DSLR Camera Comparisons & Reviews

This page may look complicated, but only a few criteria matters to me. I simplify it as below:

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* Weight: Including the camera body, battery and media
* Price resource:
Different retailers have different sales bundles. Basically includes camera body and a 18-55mm lens (Olympus is with 14-42mm lens).

I believe you can already have a general idea of which one to choose from this visual table.

Google It!

Continuing with my relationship example. It is just like you may Google or check his/her Facebook when you have an interest in someone (come on I can’t be the only one). After you have vague preference in mind, briefly Google it. You don’t need to do strict research, just browse previous user’s experience. That may help you to have a clearer thought to make decision.

Also, you may not be able to “try” a man/woman, but you must try a camera before buying it. Go to a store to touch it, hold it, and feel it. Check how light/heavy it is, how easy it is to use. Chat with salesclerk for opinions.

Where To Buy & Saving Tips

Here are a few electronic retailers that normally have good discounts on cameras:,, and

You can find vouchers and coupons for these store and more in our electronic coupons section.

My Personal Experience

I remembered how excited I was after having my Canon Rebel T2i. I updated my facebook wall saying”I bought a boyfriend today!”

DSLR Photos

A DSLR camera is even better than a boyfriend. It is completely loyal, will be with me forever if I want, and will never betray me. However, a good DSLR camera still cannot promise you good photos. Just like managing a relationship, you have to spend time with your camera, take care of it nicely, and get to know how it functions. After all, what really matters is the person who uses the camera. I am not saying that you should learn photography. After having a DSLR for 1.5 years, I still do not know anything about photography. I think that I only know how to adjust exposure/ISO/picture style ;)

Then how do I make my photos look nice? Well, I airbrush them, but DSLR does help me to modify less than before. Stay posted as I might write another article about how to improve your pictures in only a few quick steps.

This article was written by Ocean a friend of Vouchercodes. Don’t hesitate to submit to us any article that might be helpful to the community! Thanks.

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