Saving Tip of the Week; Buy Tupperware in Yard Sales!

It was the weekend of yard sales in my neighbourhood last week and I had loads of fun wandering around and checking what was available. I think that one of the best purchases to make during yard sales are Tupperware containers. I found loads of them, and they were available for something like $1. Do you know how much a brand new Tupperware container costs? It depends of the size and other things obviously, but it’s about $20 each (that’s not even for a set, that’s really for each).

Okay, you don’t get the brand new model with the bright color at a yard sale, but I prefer the old school ones anyway, just like this olive green coloured one (see the picture). I feel like I’m back in the 50s when I’m using Mad Men style ones. The only problem with these is that they are not transparent so you can’t see what’s inside, so you’ll need to use stickers instead.

$1 for containers that come with a lifetime warranty can be considered as a good investment. The warranty basically covers any chipping, cracking, breaking or peeling that happens under normal use. Customers will be able to get a replacement one for a similar model, no matter how old the Tupperware is. You can find more information about the Tupperware Lifetime warranty here. Just don’t forget to give the Tupperware a good solid clean before you use it.

Yard sales are an amazing place to find good deals, so make sure you take some time to stop if you see one. And don’t be afraid to haggle if you think something is expensive, people often put a higher price on items at year sales for sentimental reasons, but at the end of the day they might be selling the stuff because they need the space.

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