Best Winter Purchases

Some things are better to buy once winter comes along, mainly because you’re more likely to find them at lower prices. Most industries tend to operate on a fairly planned, cyclical basis. This is great news for bargain hunters – read on to find out about what you should buy once the weather turns cold.


Savvy travelers have long known that winter is the best time to book a vacation. This is the so-called “off-peak” tourist season for most of the world, meaning airlines, hotels, and other travel industry providers will be scrambling to make sales. And if you’re unhappily stuck in some cold northern outpost, make like a bird and fly south for the winter. You typically won’t see major discounts for some of the famous tropical beaches, so it’s time to be adventurous. Dig around for a new, up-and-coming destination, i.e. Providencia instead of Jamaica, Belize instead of Mexico, or Uruguay instead of Brazil.

For more off-peak travel ideas, check out National Geographic’s latest picks for unique travel destinations.

Cold Weather Clothing

Start shopping for winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves in late January, when stores begin slashing prices to make room for new spring merchandise. This is an especially good strategy if you have kids: hit the clearance racks now to pick these items up in anticipation of their next growth spurt.

Outdoor Furniture

Many families fold up and pack away their patio furniture once winter comes along, and stores that sell these items know it. They tend to offer heavy discounts during winter, so that’s when you should pounce. This is the ideal time to go for bigger items like outdoor furniture sets and barbecues, as stores will be especially desperate to get rid of these to make room for next year’s models. You can save even more with our store coupon pages, such as the Sears Canada coupon page, one of the biggest sellers of outdoor equipment.

A New Home

Winter is the perfect time to make the biggest investment your life. The housing market can slow by as much as 50% during December and January, which is why the most successful members of Canada’s Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) buy real estate during this season. You’ll find significantly less buying competition, along with sellers who are willing to negotiate and therefore better prices. Home Shopping

Also, since many realtors go on vacation during this slow-market period, only the hardest workers are left behind. With little activity to be found, they’re able to devote more time to you.

Incidentally, winter is also a great time to remodel your existing home. After heavy holiday spending, a kitchen makeover is probably the last thing most families are thinking about. For this reason, many smaller contractors will be happy to get any work they can, even at lower prices.


For a few reasons, January and February are the ideal months to purchase TVs, digital cameras, computers and other high-tech gadgets. First, many retail stores offer discounts after the holiday season ends, so you might catch a great promotional bargain on that basis alone. Second, several tech shows (such as the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas) occur during this period. This is typically when new products begin coming to market, meaning stores will start offering major discounts on last year’s models.


For those interested in tattoos, though I haven’t gotten one myself, bet you didn’t know that winter is a great time to get a tattoo! This is the slowest season for most studios, so your favorite artist is more relaxed and able to give you his or her undivided attention. Also, consider two main enemies in proper tattoo healing – sweat and sun. These are less prevalent during winter, meaning your skin will heal under ideal conditions. And speaking of healing, it can be an ugly process with all the scabbing and peeling. Better to have that taking place under a sweater or jacket, don’t you think? You’ll be all healed up and ready to show off once the warm summer months roll around.

Great tattoo

Do you have any other tips on what to buy in the winter?

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