Submit Coupon Requirements

Thanks so much for sharing your coupon! It’s what makes this Canadian community the best!

Only Logged in members will be able to submit coupons in an effort to control spam.

At this time Voucher Codes Canada is only accepting coupons for stores already in the database. If you want to submit a coupon to a store not on the ‘stores’ list then please send an email to contact [at] vouchercodes [dot] ca where it will be held for consideration (only brand recognizable stores that ship to Canada and have existed for 3+ years will be considered).

Note before submit:

  1. Please be as detailed as possible
  2. Take a second to check the details and spelling of the offer
  3. Please test the coupon before posting
  4. Make a note if the coupon has a one time only application
  5. A coupon image is not required if not applicable
  6. A coupon URL is not required if not applicable

Thanks again for sharing!