Benefit from a $25 Driving Credit for Zipcar with This VC Exclusive

$25 driving credit with this exclusive

Have you ever heard of a sensational company called Zipcar? If you’re based in Toronto or Vancouver, you’ve more than likely seen this fleet of cars roaming around town and have wondered what they were about. They are an auto-sharing service that allows you to get around town even if you don’t have a car and right now, you can pick up a $25 driving credit thanks to this awesome Vouchercodes exclusive code.

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Exclusive Zipcar CouponDetails: 40% off site-wide
Expires: 16th March, 2012
Visit Zipcar here

ZipCar CardZipcar is truly an innovative system as it allows clients to easily find the closest car and to take it immediately. Since the car is reserved for a specific user, it will only unlock for that person. As such, it’s perfect for those that only need a car a few times a year, or even for those who want to impress their boss with a fancy car.

This amazing service even pays the rental car’s gas. How cool is that? While you zip around town in a brand new and spiffy car, the worry of having to find the cheapest gas station will be behind you! Zipcar is an especially great idea for vacations when a car is only needed for a couple of hours. Most importantly, it’s a frugal and innovative way to travel!

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