Zellers sale

Zellers Stores Closing Liquidation have Started

The Zellers closing sale has started this week across Canada, but it looks like the starting dates are different from one store to another so you might want to check when it starts at your nearest Zellers. Also, if you haven’t checked which store in your area will be converted into a Target store, then have a quick look.

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This is excellent news for two reasons I think: first liquidation sales always mean fantastic discounts on all products in store and second Target stores are going to open soon. I shopped a few times at Target stores when I was in Australia and I really liked the products that they have. They have nice clothes and shoes, but also beautiful home products for cheaper than what you would pay in a decor store, such as Home Outfitters for example. The stores display will probably still look like a Zellers but the products available will be a lot nicer and better quality.

I can’t wait for Target stores to open in Canada. And you can be sure to find all about Target promotions and coupons here.