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Did you know that when it comes to vitamins, it’s best to take them in cycles? Supplementing your diet with vitamins for 2 months, and then stopping for the same amount of time, has actually proven to be more beneficial than taking them continuously as it prevents the body from getting used to the dosage. Lucky for all, for a limited time, 20% can be saved on Webber Naturals at Well.ca.

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Webber Multi-VitaminsAccording to Dr.Oz’s 4 Vitamins Every Woman Needs, a multi-vitamin is absolutely essential, especially because of the monthly loss in iron through that time of the month. While men don’t need the same amount of iron, multi-vitamins such as Webber Naturals Multi-Vitamin provide Vitamin E useful in the prevention of prostate problems. All things considered, anyone can benefit from these because it’s no easy feat to try and pack all those vitamins through food on a daily basis.

Likewise, since our bodies don’t produce omega-3 fatty acids, which are particularly helpful in preventing cardiovascular diseases, supplementing your diet with fish oils may be worth taking into consideration. During Well.ca’s sale, you can save $3.52 on the Webber Naturals Salmon & Fish Oils Softgels, reduced to $14.07 for 180 soft gels.

As with anything though, moderation is definitely key, especially since it’s best to get most nutrients from food.