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Weight Watchers 25% Off 3 Months

With the start of the new year about 9 weeks away (yeah, it really is that close), chances are you haven’t yet had time to think up of a bunch of resolutions that most likely won’t get fulfilled pass the first month of 2014. This time around, do things a little differently and make a promise to yourself right now: to get healthy before the new year hits and since it is over 2 months away, it’s totally doable. Better yet, sign up to Weight Watchers’ 3 month plan and save 25% off!

Get A 3-Month Savings Plan For 25% Off
Expires: 30th November 2013

This is actually a really great offer because to try it out for just one month, the cost comes out to being $61.90 but if you get the 3-month savings plan, it comes down to: $26.33 per month.

So although you would technically be paying a bit over $15 right off the bat, in the end, the savings far outweigh the minimal extra cost.

Savings Plan

On top of offering personalized advice based on your body and lifestyle, the Weight Watchers program also offers plenty of healthy recipes, fitness exercises (with videos) and much more to help you get on the right track.

Have you ever ever tried Weight Watchers? We’d love to know your feedback on it below.

Get Into Shape! Save 25% With a 3-Month Plan at WeightWatchers.ca

If you missed out on the last deal from WeightWatchers, which offered you 35% off a 3-month plan (it finished June 23rd), fear not! Owing to our great relationship with this brand I come bearing another offer that will help you keep that summer body that you’ve worked towards the entire year, or help you attain that weight goal you’ve been aiming for. Especially with Canada day and festivals tempting you with greasy food coming up, it’s hard to avoid temptation.

Until July 31st, enjoy 25% off a 3-month plan at WeightWatchers.ca. This plan will help you get into shape and to teach you how to keep a healthy, balanced lifestyle that best suits you. If Jennifer Hudson can do it and look amazing, then anyone can!

Make sure to bookmark our very own WeightWatchers.ca coupon page so you never miss the latest savings. It’s always updated first in Canada with the new offers.

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