Walmart Boxing Week Sale is On

Walmart Boxing Week Sale

If you fancy braving the hordes of people going to Walmart over the next few days then take an extra padded coat for all of the elbows, because this sale is going to be epic. For all those not in a hurry and can wait for the post man to arrive the savings will be just as huge online!

Walmart’s best savings are the year are probably divvied up between Black Friday and Boxing week. The good news for you is that their Boxing week sale is now on, as of 24th Dec 2013 (Christmas eve) at 12PM EST until 31st Dec 2013, with some items on sale until supplies last (that means if you’re watching a certain item and nothing else will do then hurry).

The deals are for every category at Walmart, but not on every product. And best of all is that there is Free Shipping with no Minimum Purchase.

Shop the Boxing Week Sale at Walmart Canada
Expires: 31st March, 2013

Here are some of the bigger deals that can be hard and spotted on their website after 12. $300 off some Samsung LED HDTVs, 40% Home Theatre products, 50% off a couple of Lexar flash drives and SD Cards, huge selection of Blu-ray titles from $4.97 and 60% on a lot of Kitchenware.

More Walmart sales and deals can be found here.

Save with Walmart’s Mother’s Day Deals

Walmart Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, if you haven’t given any thought to your present yet, then don’t worry as there’s still plenty of time! Making the process of choosing a nice gift simpler, browse Walmart’s selection of hot Mother’s Day deals to score the best bang for your buck possible.

Speaking of which, have you seen our round-up of the best Mother’s Day deals yet?

Shop Walmart’s Mother’s Day gift guide
Expires: 12th May, 2013

Silver Linings Playbook DVDWith a slew of nominations and Jennifer Lawrence, who plays one of the main characters, having won the Academy Award for Best Actress along with a Golden Globe Award and many others, Silver Linings Playbook is one of those must-watch movies of the decade. A thrilling story about how life doesn’t always go according to plan, it follows Pat’s (Bradley Cooper) road to getting back on his feet after losing everything from his home, job and even wife.

Otherwise, for the moms that are fans of Sex and The City, season 1 can be yours for the taking at just $19.97.

Foot BathFor a more lasting kind of relaxation, the Conair Foot Bath is a worthy investment for just $24.97. Combining heat, bubbles and even a massager, this would be an absolutely perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Mom NecklaceOtherwise, if your heart is more set on giving jewelry on this special day, then Walmart has you covered as well with the two-toned double heart pendant. Displayed on the right and for the low price of $34, it features two entwined hearts with the word “mom” in the middle.

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook your plans for Mother’s Day.

Rollback & Enjoy Free Shipping with Walmart by Stocking Up on Essentials

Walmart Clearance

It’s common knowledge that Walmart offers incredible prices, but did you know that you can also order those same items online and even get free shipping? The time has come to put Derek’s couponing advice into practice and stock up on everyday essentials during WalMart’s rollback and clearance specials. For a limited time, save up to 30% on a variety of household supplies.

Make sure to take a look at Walmart’s other departments as savings are available store-wide.

Shop the Rollback at Walmart Canada
Expires: 31st March, 2013

Walmart Pantene & SoftsoapJust like with our Walmart page of deals, you can save on a huge variety of health & beauty items with rollback prices. Take for example Pantene Medium to Thick Hair Solutions, regularly priced at $4 and discounted to $3 during this promotion.

Perhaps you’ve been running low on handsoap lately? Save $0.67 on Softsoap Moisturizing Shea Butter Hand Soap, containing shea butter, which has been proven to have a number of skin-related benefits (from improving elasticity and even getting rid of dryness).

Walmart TampaxOf course, one can’t forget the most important time period during a woman’s monthly cycle, especially since Tampax Regulars are perhaps one of the most essential items. Though priced at $4.98 originally, a box of 20 tampons has been rolled back to $3.97 to help you keep mother nature in check!

This event is particularly awesome for those who have been collecting coupons and organizing them into a coupon binder!

For those who coupon, share with us below the most you have ever saved?

Romantic Gifts for Less at WalMart Canada

Valentine's Day for less at Wal-mart

There’s no need to break the bank this year for Valentine’s Day! Who says you need to dazzle and impress with expensive items? Stow away that wallet and get back to basics with Wal-Mart Canada for all your romantically inclined ideas. From jewellery to DVDs and spa kits, indulge whatever your loved ones pleasure is for less. You should also bookmark the Walmart Canada coupon page for further money saving ideas!

Shop at Wal-Mart Canada Here
Expires: Not Provided

Walmart ItemI know that most of the population has an iPhone, but if you’re among the few like me who have a different kind of smartphone (the team here at VC all have an iPhone, except for me, who they ridicule for having a blackberry), an iPod touch is a great system to have. With basically all the same functions as its smartphone sibling, you can still jam out to your favorite tunes and play your favorite apps as much as you would like. Pick up this 4th generation iPod touch for your sweetheart for only $198.

In the mood to just settle in and cuddle with a good movie? Grab the movie Valentine’s Day for $9.83 and watch the romantic stories of a couple of Los Angeles couples.

Why aren’t you celebrating for less?

Find the Perfect Gift for the Guy (or Gamer) in your Life at Wal-Mart Canada

Gifts for Less at Wal-Mart Canada

All I want for my Christmas under the tech-inspired tree of my dreams is a flat screen TV and recliner to further enhance my gaming experience at home. This is a gamers’ dream come true and any guy would agree too that these are must-have objects to complete their man-cave–or woman-cave in my situation. Check out the selection of ideas available at Wal-mart for gifting to others and to keep for your own enjoyment.

Check out the selection at Wal-Mart Canada Here
Expires: 20th December, 2012

By placing an order before December 19th 2012, it can be received before Christmas. As an added bonus, shipping is free on most online items. Wal-Mart tv

Why, hello there Philips 50″ LCD TV of my dreams. Featured on the left, this bad boy of TVs delivers HD quality in 1080p clarity. Imagine playing your favorite game or watching your favorite movie on this TV!

Want to see the best gift around? Feast your eyes on this Xbox360 Bundle for $249. December is always the best time to buy a gaming system because of their bundling with amazing games or accessories at a crazy low price.

This one comes with an upped hard-drive–basic one is 4GB– along with two video games, one of them being Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which is $59 all on it’s own. This truly is the best price you can get for the bundle and it shouldn’t be missed.

What are you getting the man/gamer/tech fiend in your life?

Pick up your Very Own Furby Doll for Less at Wal-Mart Canada Plus get Free Shipping

Furby Doll for less at Wa-Mart

There’s no doubt that you either knew someone that owned a Furby if you were just under my generation or you had one yourself. It was the rage of the decade and kids everywhere just had to have one. That hype is apparently renewed and the popular toy is back for Round 2! Treat yourself or your kids and pick one up at Wal-Mart for less plus get free shipping at the same time.

Shop the selection at Wal-Mart here
Expires: 9th November, 2012

Despite being called a threat to National Security, this furry creature has a chip in it to pick up most of what you say and how you react to it. If you treat it with love and respect, it’ll be kind; if your harsh and have a habit of throwing it around…well, it won’t be so nice!Furby Doll

It’s currently on sale for $52.77 and is one of the hottest toys this season. It also comes with free shipping which is a huge perk.

Once your Furby starts to stop talking in Furbish, maybe teach it to say a bunch of money saving tips?

Enjoy Spooky Savings on Halloween Costumes at Wal-Mart

Scary Savings on costumes at Wal-mart

It’s still not too late to pick up a costume for you and the family! Even if you’re lacking ideas of what you could be, Wal-Mart is there to help and to provide savings at the same time. For a limited time, you can get some wicked savings on costumes for the whole family.

Shop the Selection at Wal-Mart here
Expires: Not Provided

The only downside I see is that this Belle costume isn’t available for adults. I would like to be a Disney princess too!Belle Costume

Instead, I’ll settle for being a Punky pirate this Halloween and go around saying pirate sayings like Arrrr rambling on about trying to find a treasure somewhere.

Some items do include free shipping as well, so make sure to check that out.

What are you planning on dressing up as for Halloween?

Enjoy Free Shipping from Walmart During the Thanksgiving Long Weekend

Walmart Free Shipping

During the whole long Thanksgiving weekend, is offering free shipping on all purchases. This could be a good way to avoid the crowds shopping at Walmart. The offer doesn’t apply to some remote locations though.

They also have an online exclusive deal that changes every day and from I what I saw on Friday, these are excellent discounts. These one day deals are also available in store.

Shop the Thanksgiving sale
Expires: 8th October, 2012

Batman Halloween Costume WalmartIf you haven’t bought your Halloween costume yet, this could be your chance to do it. Choose one at, which are pretty cheap, and order it in only 2 minutes. You will then receive it directly at your place and won’t even have to think about it before Halloween. That’s what I call efficient shopping!

If you want to have more ideas on where to buy your Halloween costume online, have a look at this Halloween discounts roundup bargains blog post that Erin wrote this week.

Shop the Walmart’s Anniversary Event and Enjoy Hot Deals

Walmart Anniversary Event

The Anniversary Event at is here. And if you’re wondering what this means, have a look at the following list of discounts that highlight only some of the best deals available.
Walmart Playstation Bundle

  • PlayStation 3 160GB Walmart Anniversary Bundle for only $199
  • Starfrit 14 piece forged cookware set for only $79 (was $179.97)
  • Huggies’ Pull-ups training pants 2t-5t sizes for only $21.93

And don’t forget that shipping from is free on almost everything, only furniture is excluded. If you want to find out about the complete list of deals, then you better have a look at Walmart Canada’s online store linked below.

Shop the Anniversary Event at

I really like that we can now shop Walmart’s products directly online and still enjoy incredible discounts. I’m a big fan of saving money but I don’t really like to go to of the actual Walmart stores. There are always loads of people, especially during the weekends, and sometimes it’s hard to just navigate through the aisles. So shopping online is a good way to save time!

If you want to stay posted with the latest deals happening at, keep an eye open on our promotions page that always features the latest special offers and coupons, when available.

Finish up Your Back to School List with Wal-Mart Canada

Back to school with Wal-mart

Growing up, Wal-Mart was always known as a good spot to find much needed items for less. I never really understood it when I was a kid but now, as a super frugal adult, the concept makes perfect sense to me. If you haven’t finished that notorious back-to-school list yet, I’m going to give you more incentive to finish it up and get big savings in the process.

Don’t forget to bookmark our Wal-Mart Canada coupons page to keep in the know for all the best offers.

Visit Wal-Mart and find out more
Expires: September 4th for Quebec; September 6th for the rest of Canada

Zombies ate my homework It can really add up, all those yearly supplies, and could easily double if you have multiple kids that all need blue pens and plenty of paper.

There are calculators ranging from the super basic to the slightly more advanced ones, from $11 to $19 and they look robust enough to last them for many years–I still have my calculator that I got in my first year of high school and that was more than 10 years ago. Report covers go for as low as $0.25 in Quebec, but could vary for other areas. A box of 12 of mechanical pencils runs at about $12 as well, and we all know how fast we go through those.

Backpacks also range from $14-$19 where they could easily go for double that in other stores. Even computers sell for at least $200 less than other big brand stores and that means even more money in your pocket!

So what are you waiting for? Get to saving!

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