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Vuze Plus

VuseIt’s time for something a little different. No coupons, promo codes or discounts, just an amazing find if you will. We all download stuff be it from a store or through P2P sharing (Person to Person file sharing) and one of the best pieces of software to do this is from Basically this is the way it works. You download their free file sharing software, search for something you want to download and you download it (if it’s available), once you download it it goes onto a file on your computer which can then be shared with others (you can’t always take you know), so if you want to share something with the world simply put it in this file, be it your own music or whatever, people will then be able to download it (great for sharing stuff with friends too). It’s fully customizable if you are greedy and don’t want to share, or want to share more, the more you share the faster your downloads are (it benefits to share).

Now there is obviously loads of legal and illegal stuff you can download, so it’s up to you to do the honest thing. When it comes to safety Vuse is the best, when it comes to viruses, malware etc so your computer is safer.

What’s Vuse Plus?

Vuse Plus
Anyway we wanted to share this with you as we use it each and every day and we though other people might just like to use it too. Their service is completely free, if you want to be able to do more stuff like download fast, have more choice etc then you can pay for added services like Vuse Plus (like we do because it’s awesome) but there is no obligation.

Check out Vuse Plus (Add playable DVD burn, built-in antivirus, and power search to Vuze)

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