Travel for Less With Via Rail; Enjoy 50% off Select Fares March 2014

There’s still time left to finalize those holiday plans in the next few months. Thanks to Via Rail, they are offering your wallets a break by giving you another chance to take advantage of economy fares. Enjoy 50% off adult fares (includes Economy, Touring, Sleeper and Sleeper Plus class) for travel on select routes across Canada. Don’t forget to bookmark our Via Rail page for all the best deals and the latest offers—which this is one of.

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Book by: 8th May, 2014. Travel by 27th August, 2014

Just to give you an idea of the breakdown of one-way fares:

  • Economy class between Toronto and London: $38
  • Sleeper Plus (2 person) class between Montreal and Moncton: $2218
  • Economy class between Toronto and Vancouver: $304
  • Economy class between Montreal and Halifax: $119

Admire the Canadian Country-side with 50% off Peak Adult Fares at Via Rail

50% off adult peak fares at Via Rail

If you’ve been avidly watching our Via Rail Canada coupon page like a hawk waiting for the next sale, you’re in luck! For a limited time, save 50% on off-peak adult fares for both economy and business class fares.

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Book by: September 17th, 2012
Travel before: December 14th, 2012

Superheroes on a trainI can’t promise you’ll see superheroes on your train ride, like in the image, but it would be awesome on the most epic level possible.

The fares are for one-way trips only, but still offer huge discounts. Just to give you a slight idea of what the fares are:

  • Ottawa to Montreal in Business class: $66
  • Montreal to Toronto in Economy class: $69
  • Toronto to Jasper in Economy class (before October 22nd): $325
  • Toronto to Vancouver in Economy class (after October 22nd): $296

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, as well as the Grey cup in Toronto, this might be the perfect chance to take that trip you’ve been planning!