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Okay, so some of you already know about this and some don’t, but we all need a refresher now and then about watching TV shows online in Canada for free. There are multiple terrestrial TV channels in Canada from CTV to CBC and beyond (but these are the 2 biggest). And many of the best TV shows are shown and broadcast throughout Canada for free (well you have to tolerate adverts), but what you may not know is that you can catch up with TV shows on their websites for free (again you have adverts, but how can we avoid them in this day in age?).

CTV has some really popular shows like Mad Men (love it), Castle (again, love it) and more including some Canadian classics like Flashpoint all for free on their website, including some of the the past episodes, so if you miss one you can go online and watch it.

Watch Free TV Shows at CTV

CBC has other popular shows like Being Erica (not my favourite but everyone seems to love it). They also have Dragons Den, Battle of the Blades, The Rick Mercer Report, Hockey Night in Canada and more.

Watch Free TV Shows at CBC is another great option if you don’t like being limited to only one channel. These guys have just arrived in Canada and they are offering a wide selection of the most popular TV Shows out there. You could also have a look at their Movies section, it includes loads of classics and some great new releases.

Watch Unlimited TV Shows and Movies at

Unlike the UK which has the BBC iplayer (which is awesome by the way) we here in Canada can’t watch any movies that have been shown on TV. I can’t wait for the day they do though. So the TV shows you can watch are limited.

Hope everyone enjoyed this little refresher, the other day my girlfriend was watching something on TV I didn’t care to watch to I just went online and watched an old episode of Fringe, cool huh? Just remember try not to spend too much time at work watching free videos.