Get Inspiring Shoes at TOMS for Less with our VC Exclusive

Toms Shoes Exclusive

Although snow is only now beginning to melt in some parts of Canada (ahem, Montreal, ahem), the time has definitely come to ditch those overly warm boots in favor of a lighter pair. In case you’re looking for an incentive to justify your purchase, here are 2 great reasons:

  • Enjoy $5 off on orders of $25+ with our Exclusive;
  • For every pair of shoes purchased, a pair is donated to a child in need through the One for One program.

With shoes for adults as well as both babies and kids up to 5 years old, it would be a challenge not to find a great pair to save on!

Exclusive TOMS CouponDetails: Save $5 on orders of $25 or more
Expires: 31st May, 2013
Visit TOMS here

With the looming PowerShift, who do you think will be voted back into the Big Brother Canada house? In case your vote is with Glitter Gary, then the Navy glitter shoes are perfect for you!

Also available in gold, silver, pink or red, they’re funky and fabulous just like the iconic house guest, they can be your comfort shoes for just $60.

Passport Vegan ClassicsIn case you’re wondering what the funky design is on the Passport Vegan Classics on the right, it’s actually a copy of Dan Eldon‘s thumbprint. Eldon was a photojournalist, activist and artist who lost his life far too early due to political instability in Somalia.

At just $60, you can not only get a high-quality pair of shoes, but also an inspiring story and most importantly a token of remembrance for a fascinating journalist.

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook your thoughts on Toms’ incredible pair of shoes dedicated to Dan Eldon. Will you be getting them?