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Toms Shoes Exclusive

Although snow is only now beginning to melt in some parts of Canada (ahem, Montreal, ahem), the time has definitely come to ditch those overly warm boots in favor of a lighter pair. In case you’re looking for an incentive to justify your purchase, here are 2 great reasons:

  • Enjoy $5 off on orders of $25+ with our Exclusive;
  • For every pair of shoes purchased, a pair is donated to a child in need through the One for One program.

With shoes for adults as well as both babies and kids up to 5 years old, it would be a challenge not to find a great pair to save on!

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With the looming PowerShift, who do you think will be voted back into the Big Brother Canada house? In case your vote is with Glitter Gary, then the Navy glitter shoes are perfect for you!

Also available in gold, silver, pink or red, they’re funky and fabulous just like the iconic house guest, they can be your comfort shoes for just $60.

Passport Vegan ClassicsIn case you’re wondering what the funky design is on the Passport Vegan Classics on the right, it’s actually a copy of Dan Eldon‘s thumbprint. Eldon was a photojournalist, activist and artist who lost his life far too early due to political instability in Somalia.

At just $60, you can not only get a high-quality pair of shoes, but also an inspiring story and most importantly a token of remembrance for a fascinating journalist.

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook your thoughts on Toms’ incredible pair of shoes dedicated to Dan Eldon. Will you be getting them?

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On your New Year’s resolution list, did you mark down that you had to do a good deed? Have you accomplished it? If not, take the chance to see what Toms shoes has to offer and find more about their “One for One” program. When you buy a pair of shoes from them, they donate a pair to a child in need.

Our Toms Canada page wants to help you give even more by sharing with you a code to save $5 off your order and get free shipping.

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All that glitters is brilliant, so make your feet shine in these black glitter shoes at just $60 after you punch in the rebate.Toms Shoes

The “One for One” movement reaches out to the under-developed towns and schools to provide children with a free pair of shoes. They recently donated some to a number of schools in Uganda and also educated children about proper foot and oral care. It gives them a chance to actually own a pair and to not have to run around barefoot on the harsh terrain.

Tom’s Eyewear Canada; Promotion Codes and a Message

Today I searched everywhere for Tom’s shoes promo code, to no avail. I was really looking forward to getting a pair of Snow Leopard Women’s Wedges – a new shoe in Tom’s collection. Keeping my eyes open for a coupon or discount, I did cross reference their site ( and low and behold I spotted a new link to Tom’s Eyewear in Canada. I absolutely loved the virtual try on section, where I can upload a photo of myself to see my virtual look in a new pair of glasses.

TOM’s Canada One for One = 2

In both Shoes and Eyewear sections, prominently advertised at the top of the screen is a very important message: “With every pair purchased Tom’s would donate a pair to a person in need.” As someone who gets involved in world issues and cause marketing, I was delighted to read more about their very special program known as One for One.

3 pairs of Toms Eyewear

It began with a really great promotion: with every pair of shoes purchased, Tom’s will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. (One for One) Believing that everyday choices have the power to impact the lives of those around the world, the mantra of the the Tom’s movement will continue to grow and evolve.

The most recent evolution to their cause marketing includes the introduction of Tom’s Eyewear. With my eyes wide open, I read that with every pair of glasses purchased, Tom’s will match that purchase with a second pair, giving the gift of sight to a person in need. The video below gives a great synopsis on the efforts and support of One for One.

TOM’s as Part of the Solution

I love popular corporations that are generous, taking responsibility or feeling legitimately obliged to get involved in and help solve major world issues. When more people are able to lead healthy, productive lives, entire communities have a chance at a better future. Apparently, in the four years of the One to One campaigns Tom’s shoes have donated and distributed a million pairs of shoes.

Looking for a Tom’s Eyewear Coupon?

Even though I couldn’t find a discounted offer (sometimes TOMS offer a $5.00 off coupon) I think I will buy a pair anyway, just to help someone else in need of a new pair. I will keep you posted on the developments of TOM’s Canada, as well as update you when there are some new promotion codes released on the aforementioned link.