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Go Swimming for Free Thanks to Tim Hortons

Pack your swimming trunks, lather on the sunscreen and enjoy free swimming times thanks to Tim Hortons. Quebec and Ontario residents can take advantage of free swimming in participating pools at select times. The list is huge and there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find a pool to soak your feet in — if you live in these provinces that is.

Pool BabyIt’s hard to be frugal in the winter months, especially if you enjoy swimming but can’t take advantage it. Public pools — the ones that aren’t free — can add up after a bit and water parks can break the bank. I have fond memories of spending complete days at my local public pool where I made a bunch of friends and always had a blast. Even as an adult, nothing can beat a good dip in a pool.

Times vary from location to location, so double-check before you head out. Capacity restrictions do apply, so get there early just in case.

Tim Hortons Camp Day on June 6th

When you were younger, did you ever get the chance to go to a camp and spend a few days in the woods? Do you remember it with fond memories and did you come back with plenty of exciting tales? Across Canada and the United States, 1 in 6 children live in economically disadvantaged homes and never get the opportunity to go to a camp. With the help of the Tim Hortons Children Foundation, they are able to help send just over 13,000 kids a year to a camp where they can learn and grow.

How can you help? Break your frugality for this one day and buy a coffee from Tim Hortons; every penny from coffee sales goes straight to the foundation. If you would like to make a bigger contribution, there’s also a section called the ‘Camp shop’ where for just a mere $5, you can donate a backpack or a t-shirt or even a cabin to a child in need.

I don’t normally write about charity drives by big companies (because sometimes they have ulterior motives), but Timmy’s is a real Canadian treasure and I am a big believer in getting outdoors and that kids deserve to enjoy the wilderness of Canada.

Click here to find your nearest Tim Hortons location

Tim Hortons Free Holiday Skating

Tim Hortons Free SkatingTim Hortons has teamed up with local arenas to offer free public skating to Canadians during the Holiday season in more than 350 arenas across the country. The free skating is currently offered in the following Canadian provinces: Alberta, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Prince Edward Island. I think this is pretty cool as it can be quite cold sometimes to go ice skating outdoors during winter time, especially for the little ones. This is a great opportunity to spend fun time with family and friends during the holidays. Click on our link below to check the locations and times for each province. Hopefully, it’s available in an arena close to your place. ;)

Check the Tim Hortons Free Holiday Skating Schedules