Tictacsmallfun.ca 1000 Free T-shirts

Tictacsmallfun.ca Tictacsmallfun.ca are giving away 1000 free Tic Tac T-Shirts. This promotion is more of a contest than a giveaway, here is the low down.

– Submit your video or photo of something made out of Tic Tacs or Tic Tac boxes and submit it for a chance to win their grand prize, 24 hours of small fun with $5000.
– Creations will be judged on originality, creativity, and of course, overall fun-ness. Also, the first 1000 entries get a free t-shirt from Tic Tac.

If you are just interested in their t-shirt then you might want to download their iPhone app game and beating all the levels.

Go to Tictacsmallfun.ca