Get some Fang-Tastic Savings at Threadless and Save 50% off Tees and Hoodies

50% off Shirts and hoodies at Threadless

We all have those days; the laid back ones where a t-shirt or a simple hoodie is more than acceptable as clothing when walking around your place. Who needs to get dressed up when you’re relaxing? Whether you’re shopping for casual wear for your home or looking to make a splash at your next casual Friday, check out the 50% off hoodies and tees deal that Threadless has going on right now.

Details:Get 50% off tees and hoodies
Expires: 29th October, 2012
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From the bizarre to the beautiful, I challenge you to find a design that doesn’t fit your style. I’m a geek at heart and have more than my fair share of wacky t-shirts that I bust out on a regular basis.Threadless Shirt
I also have fond memories of Curious George when I was younger so to combine the two in one central t-shirt is just pure genius. If you’re odd like me, make sure to get this Monkey Around Issue shirt for 5.04 after the discount.

Shipping varies per order, so make sure to check that out before placing an order for your new pieces.

New Threadless Customers Can Get Now 40% Off Tees and Hoodies

Threadless 40% Off

If you’ve never bought anything from Threadless before, it is now the perfect time to give them a chance. We have here a coupon code for all new customers to get 40% off their first purchase. The code is valid until the 15th of October so it gives shoppers time to share the good news with friends and family too.

The deal is only valid on tees and hoodies though, but don’t worry as these are their main products and there is a wide selection to choose from.

Details: New customers get 40% off
Expires: 15th October 2012
Visit Threadless here

Threadless Funny TeeFor everyone who didn’t know, Threadless are working with artists from everywhere in the world to create unique designs. People can vote for their favourite designs and even submit one that they did themselves, which means you could be one of these artists. This t-shirt (in the image) is a good example of a funny one I think.

If you want to see more fun tees, check this other great article on Boredpanda about creative t-shirts.