Prep Now For A Potential Apocalypse With 15% Off At Thinkgeek

ThinkGeek 15% Off

Now it’s true that Thinkgeek has been rolling out the discounts like there’s no tomorrow but their newest offer is definitely the one you have been waiting and saving for. For a limited time, enjoy 15% off all purchases over $50. As usual, we’ve also added this handy code to our ThinkGeek page, which is always updated with their hottest offers.

Details: 15% off orders $50+
Expires: 24th February, 2014
Visit ThinkGeek here

Tardis Tank DressThe last time I wrote about Thinkgeek, I mentioned the super comfy police box slippers and I have to admit that something else Doctor Who related has caught my attention this time as well: the Tardis tank dress.

Wear it for Halloween or better yet, as everyday wear since the most exceptional fact about it is that it’s smaller on the outside. Well, according to its description at least given that the model is the Impossible Girl who ate 37 hot dogs in one hour!

Sci Fi Door DecalsOr what about those of you bargain hunters with teenagers? They’re certainly not easy to deal with, especially when they start requesting for locks to be installed on their bedroom doors. Get the teenager(s) in your life the sci-fi door decal instead. On top of being removal, they also feature signs such as “Keep Out” and “No, seriously I mean it” — sound familiar?

This is only a glimpse at the many unique and quirky products that Thinkgeek has to offer. If you haven’t yet, now would definitely be the perfect opportunity to take a minute to have a browse through.

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know below what treasures you uncover at Thinkgeek.

ThinkGeek Gadget Madness Coupon for December 2013

ThinkGeek December Deals

While ThinkGeeks’ shipping policy is not super Canadian friendly (have to pay slightly higher shipping charges, duty, taxes and fees and free shipping doesn’t apply, and we have to wait longer for packages to arrive) the deal they emailed us this morning to share with our community should make up for the higher than usual cost-to-door price.

We have 1 coupon code for you. It’s a public offer, so it’s available on their website (right at the top of their site, unless the offer has finished), and we also had news about a fairly decent sale that’s going on.

Being a bit of a geek myself, I really like some of the little tit bits and gadgets they have. I’ve used them before to get little stocking stuffers that I couldn’t find at any Canadian websites. I’ll start off with the code they have for a couple of days, for other offers after this one has expired please remember to see our ThinkGeek page.

Details: Get 25% off purchases of $40 or more and 60% off purchases over $100
Expires: 12th December, 2013
Visit ThinkGeek here

Tetris lightsThe sale going on while stocks last if for discounts of up to 60% on select products. It should be advertised on their homepage. I didn’t want to link the page, as they have a habit of changing links around and I didn’t want a broken one on the site.

Did you pick up anything geeky? I actually own one of these Tetris lamps, it is awesome.

Geekify Yourself by Saving Up to 30% Off at ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek September Deals

As the realm of all things related to geeks, ThinkGeek is the perfect online shopping destination for… well, just about anything! In fact for a limited time, you can save 30% off literally every piece of clothing and if you visit our ThinkGeek page, you can also pick up a code to enjoy an extra 25% off back to campus items.

Details: Get 30% off all purchases of clothes
Expires: 8th September, 2013
Visit ThinkGeek here

Superman Kids CostumeIs it a plane? Is it a bird? No, it’s just your little one zipping through the streets during the upcoming Halloween! Shop for a Halloween costume early by getting the Superman kids’ costume hoodie for a reduced price of just $21.

Fans of Doctor Who on the other hand may appreciate the police box slippers, which are ultra comfortable and perfect for wearing on the way to grabbing a snack in between marathon sessions of watching this iconic show.

Laboratory Shot GlassesFor the students who are all grown up and heading to college, then the laboratory shot glasses may be more fitting, especially with the intense rise in popularity of chemistry thanks to AMC’s Breaking Bad. At a discounted price of $14, this ultra cool set includes 2 beakers, 1 Erlenmeyer flask and 1 Florence flask. No worries if you can’t remember which is which as it won’t matter much after a couple shots of chemicals.

Have you ever shopped at ThinkGeek? What did you get?

May The 4th Be With You: Save $20 on Thinkgeek’s Star Wars Collection

ThinkGeek Star Wars Deal

This will be a day long remembered. For the duration of the week-end, let your inner nerd reign free over your shopping impulses and save $20 on orders of $100 and more on Star Wars products at Thinkgeek.

Details: Enjoy $20 off on all Star Wars products
Expires: 6th May, 2013
Visit Thinkgeek here

Always in motion is the future as well as our page dedicated to Thinkgeek’s deals and promotions.

Darth Vader Car DecalShow off your ultimate support for the epic franchise with a Star Wars car wrap, such as the Darth Vader one featured on the right. Making it easy to spot your car in a crowded parking lot, it might just secure you that coveted employee of the month parking spot as well due to its pure awesomeness. The force is strong with this one!

Darth Vader Chocolate CubesOn a smaller scale, the Darth Vader ice cube tray would definitely liven any party. Not only that, but I’ve also got a very good feeling about the possibilities: ice or candies in the shape of Vader’s helmet.

Darth Vader Ice Tray

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, be sure to also include a gift for her from Thinkgeek’s Mother’s Day Gift Center with gift packs for any type of mom from the caffeinated mom, the gamer mom, the n00b mom and a couple others.

Will you use the force?

Great Savings with ThinkGeek’s 20% Off Site-Wide

ThinkGeek 20% Off Site-Wide

With great power, there must also come — great responsibility! The same applies to both ThinkGeek and our page dedicated to their coupons as it’s the first time we have seen them run such an amazing promotion: for a couple of days only, save 20% off all items.

Comment below if you know the source of the above quote.

Details: Get 20% off your order
Expires: 18th March, 2013
Visit ThinkGeek here

Superhero Dangle EarringsFor the ladies whose man is the ultimate superhero-obsessed geek (or for those who are geeks themselves), these Batman dangle earrings are perfect for re-watching the pure epicness that is The Dark Knight Rises. These earrings are also perfect for kids to wear, but that’s just a given!

Impress your friends at the next game night with the butterfly knife styled bottle opener, which is guaranteed to be anti-rust. There’s also the Prankster Pack with the 3 top pranking devices, sure to cause just the right amount of mayhem at the next party or perhaps even from within the workplace. From the Annoy-a-Tron, to the Eviltron and even more mischievously, the Phantom Keystroker, annoy your friends at your own peril.

USB Toasted HubIt’s hard not to love toast, especially since it can be diversified with nutella, cheese, and anything else… but what about toast as a gadget in the form of a USB toaster hub? Already on sale for $19.99, the toaster comes in 4 levels of toastiness: Butta, Ry Ry, Crisp, or Tato.

Get your Geek on at ThinkGeek –Buy One Shirt and Get Another at 50% Off

Buy one shirt, get a second 50% off at Thinkgeek

Thinkgeek is truly meant for all levels of geek: from the smallest and most amateur of lovers to the hard-core and intense. If you have yet to take a few minutes to browse through the selection available, you should really stop whatever you are doing and do so now. They also have interesting sales happening and right now, buy any one shirt and get the second one for free.

Shop at ThinkGeek
Expires: 3rd March, 2013

We also have some coupon codes listed on our Thinkgeek page for those interested in saving more.ThinkGeek Item

Have you ever dreamed of falling asleep like a Superhero? Be fabulous even while you snooze in the super-heroine sleep tanks on the left. Priced at $29.99, they feature comfortable stretch fabric and a detachable cape for all of your excursions.
Disclaimer: The cape will not enable you to fly.

Thinkgeek also has the men’s version of these available in the form of footie pajamas at $39.99.

Show off your daring side in this “Non-Flammable? Challenge Accepted” shirt at $12.59. They also have a men’s version right here if you’d like to be partners in crime.

Upon checking out, the final price won’t be reflected until after you fill in your billing address. Right before entering your form of payment, the system will auto-magically added to the discount.

Unleash Your Inner Geak and Save $10 on Orders of $60 and more at

10% Off with Thinkgeek

In celebration of Shigeru Miyamoto, the fabulous man behind some of the most popular games in history (Mario, Donkey Kong, and Zelda), ThinkGeek is offering $10 off on all orders of $60 and up. Don’t miss out on your chance to get early Christmas gifts for either yourself or a fellow geek.

Details: Save $10 on orders of $60+.
Expires: 18th November, 2012
Visit ThinkGeek here

ThinkGeek Star Trek Bathrobe

Roleplay as your favorite character from Star Trek with this incredible bathrobe. Available in gold, red, or blue, it features embroidered insignia on the left-hand side and the appropriate character’s rank on the sleeve.
Unleash your inner geek as you have your morning coffee or perhaps while you play your favorite video game all night long!

ThinkGeek Tea Infuser
Looking for inspiration to reach the $60 mark? Try this original Mr. Tea Infuser. All you have to do is stuff his pants with loose leaf tea and then take a bath of your own while you sip on your drink!

What will you get to save $10 at ThinkGeek this week-end?