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$100 Esso Gift Card with National Post Subscription

National Post SubscriptionYesterday I wrote about the free 30-days National Post subscription that you can get at the moment. Well I just found out about this other fantastic offer where you will get a $100 Esso gift card whenever you subscribe to the National Post for one year. I tried to do it to see how much it normally costs for a one year subscription and the only offer I got when I entered my postal code was for a 12 months digital edition, which will give me $50 in free gas. But I’m guessing that’s because I’m already a subscriber to the paper version that I cannot subscribe twice to the same service.

It means that you now have two incredible offers from the National Post, you just need to pick the one that fits more your needs. Either you subscribe for free for a 90-days period and you keep your fingers crossed they are going to bring back this promotion again in 3 months or you subscribe for one year to get a $100 Esso gift card.

Subscribe to the National Post and get $100 Esso gift card

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Free Subscription to the National Post

National PostThe free National Post subscription promotion is back again! We’ve done a post about it back in August, so this is right on time as the last free subscription just expired. You will need to click on our link below and enter your postal code, then just give your home address and a few personal informations. The 90 days subscription should start within 5 business days once you’ve registered for it and the offer is valid until May 31st, 2011. Note though, that it is not available for any subscribers that had the National Post delivered in the past 45 days, but you can always give another name and it should normally work ;). One of my friend keeps doing that and he has never paid for his subscription. Enjoy!

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