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The Body Shop Mix and Match is Back: Buy 3 Get 3 Free!

Unfortunately coupon codes can’t be used with the offers below which are currently (at the time of writing) running on I’ll elaborate on my favourite deal in just a moment. But first here is what’s available:

  • Buy 3, Get 3 FREE;
  • 50% Off Hand Creams

Shop at The Body Shop Canada Here
Expires: March 30, 2014

Obviously those into hand creams might prefer that particular deal, for the rest of us the first offer is by far and away the most attractive. Getting 3 free items is awesome whichever way you look at it. So stockpile your shelves with your favourite soaps and other products in this mix and match event to save in the long run. I can’t help but think that this offer is in direct response to the one I wrote about not long ago for Bath and Body Works (that’s live again too).

This deal is for online and in store use. There are stores in every big city in Canada, which you can find here. There might be limitations of stock, so the sooner you go in store the better. They run this deal every now and then, so if you miss it this time around don’t fret, just keep up to date with our page for the Body Shop where we usually post about the latest offers (mostly coupons though).

50% off Everything at The Body Shop w/code

The Body Shop 50% Off Sale

It seems like every month we have something to say about the Body Shop. And do you know why? It’s because their offers just seem to get better and better. This one is a semi exclusive offer, what that means is that you won’t find it in many other places. So most other coupon websites in Canada don’t have access to it (bully for them :).

Anyway, back to the offer. The code below gives customers a healthy 50% off all products at the body shop website, from now until just before the holidays. Don’t be alarmed if you only see a 40% discount on the body shop’s website (or something to that effect), the offer is valid, but it’s not a public offer–so only the below link will actually activate the discount. So keep it under wraps, we can’t have everyone claiming the offer now can we.

Details: 50% off everything at The Body Shop
Expires: 23rd December, 2013
Visit The Body Shop here

What did you buy?

Psst, You Have 40% Off in Hidden Savings at The Body Shop Waiting for You

Body Shop 40% off

This mission is for your eyes only and, if you choose to accept it, you will get 40% off site-wide at The Body Shop. All the references and resources you will need are listed in your briefing on the Body Shop coupon page.

Hurry to get your savings on at The Body Shop CanadaCoconut Shower Cream
Expires: 15th September, 2013

You won’t need a leading lady as arm candy to complete this job, but you might want to take a peak at the coconut shower cream that’s been lowered to only $6. You might be a top spy, but you do need to smell good at the same time.

Spa Wisdom Bean RiceDon’t forget to check out the Outlet section as well for major reductions such as on the Spa Wisdom Japan Adzuki bean & rice washing, which smooths skin to make sure that you can slip out of any sticky situation while on a top secret mission.

It’s rare that The Body Shop releases promotions for such high amounts, so stock up now while you can before this deal self-destructs. That’s how it always ends, doesn’t it?

Shipping is a flat rate of $5 with any order of $50 or more or it’s free with orders over $75. You could also use your super spy powers to just acquire it, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

A Chance At 50% Off At The Body Shop Canada

Here at, we haven’t exactly been hiding our fondness for The Body Shop Canada, especially since we only just recently wrote about their Summer Deals. This time around however, they’re offering everyone the chance to get up to 50% off in savings! That’s right, print the coupon below to save $10 off orders of $20 or more!

This amazing printable is also combinable with in-store offers as well as the Love Your Body and SPC card discounts!

So, quickly find a store near you and head on over as soon as possible! Surely you can find at couple of minutes this week to stop by the nearest mall and indulge yourself a little.

The Body Shop Logo

Amazing Summer Deals at The Body Shop Canada: Buy 2, Get 1 Free Shipping and more!

The Body Shop's Deals & Free Shipping

Has the middle of summer got you all sweaty from the hotter than hot temperatures and perhaps even the many stresses of work? Take a load off and pamper yourself with the numerous wonderful products at The Body Shop Canada. Better yet, take advantage of a variety of deals, namely:

  • Buy 2, get 1 free on all items (exp. aug.11)
  • Free shipping on orders $50+ (exp.July.21)
  • 50% off all fragrances (exp. n/a)

Plus, enter this code for a free gift:

Details: Spend $25 and get a free Gel & Bath Lily
Expires: 21st July, 2013
Visit The Body Shop Canada here

Dreams UnlimitedFollowing a nice and refreshing bath with one of The Body Shop’s many Bath & Body products, spritz on the Dreams Unlimited perfume for a refreshing blend of remarkable aura consisting of a blend of neroli blossom and watermelon notes. It’s vibrant, energizing and as refreshing as a splash in the ocean.

In case you’re on the fence about purchasing a perfume before smelling it in person, take consolation in the fact that it can be yours to try and potentially love for only $10 instead of its regular price of $20.

Eye DefinerConsidering that a great eyeliner is a must in any woman’s make-up kit, the Eye Definer eyeshadow is most certainly worth a try. At just $11.50, it’s available in black, rich brown, taupe, white or french navy. In fact, it features a smudge-resistant color, perfect for any sweaty night out.

Here at, we’re huge fans of The Body Shop Canada and we always use their many discounts. Have you ever ordered online with them?

Let the Pampering Begin with Up to 50% Off at The Body Shop Canada

The Body Shop Up to 50% Off

Pampering oneself is as essential as exercising and eating healthy and while not everyone has the budget for a trip to a spa, it’s possible to get a similar sensory experience from bath and body care products. Lather up in one of The Body Shop’s many wonderful products and save up to 50% during their Semi-Annual Sale. Until June 16th, 2013, free shipping is also available for orders over $50.

Shop The Body Shop’s Semi-Annual Sale Event
Expires: 14th July, 2013

Coconut Hand CleanseWith the FDA (America’s Food and Drug Association) finally weighing in on the much controversial subject of whether antibacterial soap and hand sanitizers are good for use, the fact remains that the main ingredients with which they’re made, triclosan, is actually harmful. Upon use, triclosan quickly breaks down when exposed to chlorinated water and produces toxic chemicals, including chloroform — scary stuff isn’t it?

So, ditch the hand sanitizers in favor of the coconut hand cleanse, which provides a rinse-free cleansing, minus the triclosan.

Blusher BrushFor those who are daily blush users, then an adequate blusher brush is absolutely essential. Reduced to $12, its synthetic make promises to deliver an even dusting of powder onto the face and cheeks. It is also marked as limited edition, meaning that it’s best to jump on the offer sooner, rather than later as you may never see it again!

As usual, a variety of body butters have been reduced as well, such as the lovely mini moringa, which can be acquired for just $3 instead of $6.

How will you be pampering yourself this summer?

Shop for Mother’s Day and Save $10 at The Body Shop Canada

The Body Shop Save $10

In case you missed our recent Exclusive to save at The Body Shop, you can still enjoy savings just in time for Mother’s Day. For a limited time, save $10 on all orders $40 or more.

Tweet us @CouponsCanada if you have shopped for Mother’s Day.
In case you haven’t, be sure to take a look at our List of the Best Deals for Mother’s Day.

Details: Save $10 on orders of $40+
Expires: 29th April, 2013
Visit The Body Shop Canada here

Chocomania Shower SetThough the Deluxe Almond Hand Care gift set I mentioned last time could make for a great gift, if you’re mom loves chocolate, then perhaps the Chocomania Shower, Moisture & Scrub Collection may tickle her fancy that much more for Mother’s Day. Already reduced to $33.75, this gift set is sure to delight any chocolate lover, especially if you add a couple of chocolate bars to go with it!

Almond Hand CareFor a more subtle kind of aroma, the Japanese Cherry Blossom Bath & Shower Gel is ideal for a relaxing and soothing bath time.

Alternatively, if you or your mom’s hands have been aching from dry skin, the Almond Hand & Nail Cream may provide the much sought after relief. At just $10, it’s made with honey and shea butter — two ingredients meant to moisturize and soften the skin.

Are you a fan of The Body Shop? Rate them on their deals page.

Perfect for Mother’s Day: Enjoy $10 Off at The Body Shop Canada with the VC Exclusive

The Body Shop $10 Off $30

From body lotions, hair products, skin care, makeup and even fragrances, finding great items for yourself and loved ones is made easy with The Body Shop. Even better is that for a limited time, you can save $10 on orders of $30 or more with our Exclusive for The Body Shop Canada.

Details: Save $10 off orders of $30 and over
Expires: 17th April, 2013
Visit The Body Shop here

Deluxe Almond Gift SetLooking for a handy Mother’s Day gift isn’t hard, especially since The Body Shop has already prepared one for you and has even tied it off with a lovely red bow. Featured on the right is the Deluxe Almond Hand Care gift set, which will not only provide the most important woman in your life with amazing skincare products, but will also help you to stay right on budget. Valued at $72.50 and reduced to $41.25, you can get it for an additional $10 off at $31.25 — wow, that’s close to 60% off!

Alternatively, for those who prefer the sweet topical smells of coconuts, mangos and oranges, then the Deluxe Tropical gift set is the prime choice. Valued at $113, you can get it for only $65!

Vitamin E Body ButterWith shea and cocoa butters, the vitamin E body butter, would also make for a great gift as it moisturizes and provides protection from environmental aggressors all at the same time.

In case you’re wondering about The Body Shop’s testing policies, you can rest easy as they are an eco-friendly company that does not engage in animal testing.

Let us know on Facebook which of The Body Shop’s goodies you will be pampering your mother with?

Celebrate Women’s Day with 40% Off Site-Wide at The Body Shop Canada

The Body Shop's Women's Day Dale

March 8th was first honored and observed as International Women’s Day in 1909 as a result of the increase in women’s rights from fewer working hours, better salaries to the establishment of voting rights. In celebration of this joyful day, The Body Shop has released a limited time offer discounting all their items by 40%.

Shop the Women’s Day 40% off Sale at The Body Shop
Expires: 10th March, 2013

Aloe Body ButterWhile we recently wrote about “the more you buy, the more you save” event, during which we recommended the
cocoa body butter, this amazing product has now fallen to the low price of $12! According to The Body Shop’s description, it’s particularly great in prevention of stretch marks following pregnancy as well as of overall skin dryness.

Granted a cocoa body lotion may be a little overpowering for certain daily scenarios (a work environment for example), so why not try the coconut or aloe body butters for a refreshing and healthier glow?

All things considered, there are just too many great offers that we could write about from The Body Shop and we definitely suggest you take a look at their online collection, especially with free shipping on orders over $75. For even more deals, visit our The Body Shop page when you have a moment.

How have you been celebrating International Women’s Day?

Pick Your Star Items at The Body Shop Canada and Save up to 50% off

Up to 50% off at The Body Shop Canada

Feel like a star walking the red carpet at the Oscars thanks to the huge savings going on right now at The Body Shop Canada. Shop some of your favorite items to get up to 50% off your entire order.

The more you buy, the more you save at this rare event!

Shop at The Body Shop Canada
Expires: 28th February, 2013

The Body Shop Item
Here’s how the savings break down:

  • Buy one item and save 10% off
  • Buy two items and save 20% off
  • Buy three items and save 30% off
  • Buy four items and save 40% off
  • Buy five items and save 50% off

Combat the harsh conditions of winter and the havoc it can have on your skin with the help of lotions and body butters. My fondness for chocolate would explain why I was instantly drawn to this cocoa body butter, displayed on the right. Starting at $20, it gradually goes down in price as you add more items to the order. Purchasing 5 of these skin nourishing and exquisite skin care products will come out to $50 as opposed to $100.

If you would like to stay aware of any future promotions from this brand, make sure to take a look at our The Body Shop Canada listing page.

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