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i-to-i Canada Voucher Code

I love it when we get the down low on voucher codes to give to Canadians, we have just been informed that i-to-i also known as onlinetefl.com are running a voucher code for Canadians (or people wanting to teach in Canada) to enjoy, we have listed it just after our brief explanation of what i-to-i do.

What is i-to-i?

i-to-i is one of the biggest TEFL courses and TEFL jobs abroad sites in the world. They train people (last year 15,000 people) to teach English as a foreign language (hence the abbreviation TEFL) and help them find jobs working abroad. Sounds fun huh?
i-to-i Canada I would love to improve my French and then go somewhere like Laos (where they use to speak French) and teach French to the kids there, that would be an amazing experience for a year.

i-to-i voucher code

And of course what would we be here for but to help you save money on your everyday (and special) shopping needs. You can get 30% off with this code, we hope you enjoy.

Description: 30% Off TEFL Courses for Canadians and Americans
Activate: Redeem Voucher
Code: “save30”
Best Before: 31st October 09