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What’s better than spending an afternoon sipping delightfully tasting tea with your mom? The answer is doing so while being frugal all at the same time. As Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, treat the most important woman in your life to a cup of tea and save money with Teavana’s free printable coupon for a featured brew.

Available in multiple locations across Canada, Teavana is one of the best stores for tea due to their vast selection of different varieties, even with such teas as the Slimful Chocolate Decadence Oolong Tea, a much favored one of the VoucherCodes Team.

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Celebrate the Blooming of Cherry Blossoms and Save $10 on orders of $50+ with the VC Exclusive

Teavana Save $10 Exclusive

Did you know that from March to April, Sakura, also most popularly known as cherry blossoms, bloom all over Japan? Celebrate this joyous occasion with our wonderful VoucherCodes.ca Exclusive. For a limited time, save $10 on orders of $50 or more and also qualify for free shipping at the same time.

Exclusive Coffees of Hawaii CouponDetails: Save $10 on orders totaling $50 or more
Expires: 9th April, 2013
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In celebration of cherry blossoms, Teavana’s exclusive Sakura Allure tea gift set would make for the ideal gift all year round as it includes a tumbler, an airtight tin and a tea blend made with bamboo, cherry, pineapple, mango, rose and hibiscus.

Sevenberry SangriaFor an energy boost that is completely natural and beneficial to your health, try a tea that is highly popular in South Africa: rooibos. Packed with minerals, it’s a great remedy for a variety of ailments such as allergies, headaches, sleep problems as well as problems with digestion.

Now that I’ve hopefully convinced you to give rooibos a try, take a look at the Sevenberry Sangria rooibos tea, enhanced with superfruit. With bright flavors of grape, cherry, raspberry and blueberry, it’s the perfect drink for an afternoon spent relaxing in the sun. Enjoy it hot or cold with some honey and a slice of lemon for a refreshing combination.

Orbits TataraDon’t forget to perfectly steep your tea in the Orbits Tatara cast iron teapot, which as I have mentioned before, is ideal because iron is a metal that keeps heat very well.

Even better is that with your order, you can get a free sample of the Youthberry Wild Orange Blosson Tea.

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Burn Fat with Teas from Teavana and Enjoy Free Shipping + Free Sample

Teavana Free Shipping & Sample

Did you know that green tea burns fat or that white tea has the most antioxidants out of all the teas? Even better is that for a limited time, you can stock up on Teavana’s teas and merchandise and get free shipping along with a free sample of the popular Youthberry/Wild Orange tea.

While we’re on the topic of free merchandise, I suggest bookmarking VoucherCodes’ Teavana coupons page, so as not to miss any other deals.

Shop at Teavana for free shipping and a free sample
Expires: 14th March, 2013

Like with anything else, tea needs to be kept in an air-tight and dark environment to ensure freshness. On sale for $8.37, take a peek at the Marrakech tea tins, featured below. Made of tin, these containers can hold up to 140g of tea and though the only –drawback– is that the specific color you receive is chosen at random, it really makes no difference as each tin shows off a wonderful design.

Teavana Marrakech Tea Tins

Since you’ll be getting free shipping anyway, you might as well try the raspberry riot lemon mate tea with its explosion of flavors.

As tremendous tea lovers here at Vouchercodes, I have to admit that this Breville one-touch tea maker immediately caught our eye. Going above and beyond the classic way of using a kettle to make tea, this wonderful kitchen appliance automatically lowers and lifts the tea basket for perfect steepness and even keeps it warm for up to 60 minutes.

What’s your favorite tea?

Will You Be My Friend? Save 25% off at Teavana

25% off at Teavana

We’re friends, right? Are we close friends, like almost family kind of friends? I hope so because it’s time to shop the friends and family sale at Teavana and we should do it together! For a limited time, save 25% off select items, including a wide selection of loose leaf tea. As a bonus, shipping is also free on orders of $50 or more.

I’m friends with my Teavana coupon page, are you?

Details: 25% off regular priced items, except small appliances
Expires: 27th January, 2013
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Teavana ItemWinter not only means cold temperatures and the perfect season for skiing and snowboarding, it also means that it’s the time of year where everyone gets the flu (including yours truly). Boost up that immune system with a tasty green tea that will help combat all nasty flu bugs. Try this Blackberry Mojito Green tea and tantalize your taste buds with something divine.

While green tea is good on its own, it gives an extra boost when paired with fruit. This one contains blackberries, raspberries and a kick of spearmint to get you going. Get a 2oz bag for $5.85 after the discount.

What’s your favorite tea to sip on?