Try Quickbooks Free for 60 Days & Spend Less Time Bookkeeping

Managing the finances of a small company doesn’t have to take long and tedious afternoon to accomplish, especially when accounting software like Intuit’s Quickbooks are at your disposition. For those skeptical about learning a new method of keeping your business on track, you can try Quickbooks Online absolutely free for 60 days.

Speaking of accounting, with the deadline for tax filing quickly advancing, have you filed your taxes yet? For those who haven’t, be sure to read our tip article on the filing them yourselves vs. hiring a professional.

Try Quickbooks free for 60 days
Expires: Ongoing

Quickbooks’ software is great no matter the size of the business: whether a 1-man ship or even one that is on the rise. The best part is that no math or accounting knowledge is needed whatsoever!

Quickbooks Benefits

On top of the many other benefits, one that stands out the most is Quickbooks’ efficiency and speed as it’s much faster than manual bookkeeping: “you spend less time on everyday tasks, and less time looking for information“.

Don’t forget to stay up-to-date with Quickbooks’ latest promotions with our page dedicated to their deals.

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Get More Money Back with TurboTax & Save 15% Off Online Editions


Phew, the time left for filing individual taxes is quickly coming to an end but are you ready? Although I just recently wrote about a 15% Vouchercodes exclusive that we scored with H&R Block, those who prefer Turbo Tax have the chance to benefit from 15% off on the online editions of TurboTax for 4 days.

Enjoy 15% at TurboTax
Expires: 12th April, 2013

Turbo Tax 15% OffThe best part about TurboTax is that even someone who doesn’t know how to file taxes themselves, can do so with complete ease. All that’s needed is for them to follow step-by-step instructions online for the maximum refund possible. As the questionnaire is filled out, the top of the screen displays the refund total — a rather fun and useful feature!

The reductions on TurboTax software are as follows:

  • $17.99 $15.29 for the Standard Online;
  • $32.99 $28.04 for the Premier;
  • $44.99 $38.24 for the Home & Business.

Have you ever tried TurboTax? Let us know your thoughts on this tax filing software.

Ufile Free

ufileTax season is just around the corner so we thought it prudent to do a post about Ufile the online and downloadable (and in CD) tax software. Some people think that Quicktax is better (that link get’s you quicktax for free) and in French Impotrapide but if you want something super simple and popular for free then Ufile might just do the job. And some people (not all) can get Ufile for free, those included are ones who earn below the $20,000 threshold, post secondary education students (still studying) and seniors. Now it is only free on the 26th February, so bookmark this day in your calendar and go to on this day to claim your free version, if not use the below coupons or try quicktax.

Ufile Voucher Code

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