Tax Refund

QuickTax Software offers a line of tax software created to help you get the maximum refund. They even guarantee that you will. So why pay someone else to do your tax? When QuickTax has powerful refund tools in their Deduction Toolbox, that will get all the refunds available to you. There are 3 personal and 2 business editions tailored for every type of need starting at $19.99. Plus, each software is good for 8 returns, so you can share with your family, friends or colleagues. As if this wasn’t enough, they offer free online support. Bottom line is that Quicktax is faster and cheaper than hiring someone and at the end of the day it is quite easy to use. I’ve been using it myself for the past few years and wouldn’t do it any other way.

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QuickTax is the bestselling tax software in Canada, millions of Canadians have already chosen QuickTax for business and personal taxes. The main reasons for its popularity are: the easy to use software, the affordable software, the great and free support provided by Intuit and the software are 100% accurate and compliant to CRA tax laws. Plus, QuickTax has useful tools made to search through your return, it will help you track down any deduction for which you qualify. Each version has special features that will correspond to your needs, for anybody from basic tax returns to business incorporated with a T2 corporate tax return. QuickTax lets you produce 8 different returns, so you can split the cost of the software with all the potential users.

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