Free Taco at Taco Bell? Yes Please!

It is quite possibly the same for everyone: the feeling of receiving free food somehow outweighs everything else in a moment of pure joy. Okay, slight exaggeration perhaps but we definitely suggest that you take advantage of Taco Bell’s printable coupon below for a free taco with purchase of a Doritos Nachos Supreme, XXL Crunchwrap and 20oz drink combo.

Considering how nachos should be in a food group of their own, Taco Bell makes trying their nachos a worthwile experience with the following description from their website:

Cheesy Doritos chips smothered with seasoned ground beef, warm zesty nacho cheese sauce, diced ripe tomatoes, chives and cool sour cream.

Phew, that description alone almost has us running to the nearest Taco Bell!

Taco Bell Logo