Brew a Cup of Starbucks Coffee at Home with a Verismo Machine

Verismo Machine from Starbucks

All right, confession time: I have a bad habit of breaking my budget and succumbing to the delicious culinary drinks from Starbucks. It’s a bit out of the way at times and involves having to put on pants to go out. No more will I have to leave the comfort of my home thanks to the new Verismo machine from Starbucks. As a bonus, I also have a 10% off code that you can use towards this ingenious idea (and others).

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Starbucks podsKeep in mind that you also get a free box of Cafe Latte pods when you order a machine.

The price can seem daunting for some at $199, but I brought out my math skills and was quite surprised when I saw what the difference in price was if you were to buy the machine and drink your coffee this was versus buying it in store. Obviously, I wouldn’t be drinking it every day of the year, but I calculated it as such for simplicity sake.

I buy regular Caramel Macchiatos and they come out to about $5.60 each time. There’s a recipe guide as well which explains how you can make these tasty drinks at home.

In-Store for an entire year: $5.60 x 365 = $2044
At home for an entire year: $595.70 + $199 = $794.70
(-A box of 8 Latte pods is $12.95, so figure 46 boxes a year which comes out to a total of $595.70)
(-The Machine itself at $199)

That’s a difference of about 40% for the same drink that you would buy in store for an entire year. That’s huge! Just imagine what you could do with those savings!

We also have a dedicated Starbucks Store coupon page with other offers like this one.

Shipping is also free on orders of $75 or more. Do you plan on buying it?