Free Bag of Starbucks Coffee with Purchase of Iced Coffee Brewer

With the intense hotness and humidity that most Canadian regions have been facing lately, one of the best ways to cool off is with a refreshing Starbucks iced coffee. But, why waste gas driving to a Starbucks location when you can make it in the comfort of your own home for much cheaper?

For a limited time, the purchase of an Iced Coffee Brewer at Starbucks will guarantee you a free one pound bag of Kenya coffee. This is a particularly sweet offer considering that the brewer is $34.95 and that the bag of coffee’s regular price is of $16.95.

For those who have perhaps never tried the Kenya blend, it’s a bold coffee with full body and hints of citrus and currant that are particularly refreshing when served over ice.

In case Starbucks is part of your morning commute, don’t forget that Starbucks’ Treat Receipt is back on and if you bring back a morning receipt after 2pm, then you can enjoy a Grande iced beverage for just $2!

Get a free one pound bag of Kenya coffee with purchase of an iced coffee brewer here.

Ready, Set, Refresh: Starbucks’ Treat Receipt Is Back!

Starbucks' Treat Receipt

Mark your calendars coffee lovers as tomorrow, July 15th 2013, brings with it the return of Starbucks’ much anticipated Treats Receipt! Until August 18th 2013, any morning receipt (meaning you can buy anything from a muffin to your daily triple grande vanilla latte with two extra pumps of vanilla and extra foam) that you bring in the afternoon after 2pm will guarantee you any cold beverage for just $2!

And while this offer is only applicable in-stores, we nevertheless would like to direct you to Starbucks’ tumbler section for a unique cup to go with the unique drink(s) you will be saving loads on!

Get a cold beverage tumbler to bring in-stores with your receipt
Expires: 18th August, 2013

Clear Grande TumblerStainless Steel Grande TumblerPersonally, I’m a huge fan of Starbucks’ clear plastic cold cups, which look just like the ones given in-stores but that are much sturdier. However, their new collection of stainless steels tumblers is particularly appealing as well, especially since: “the insulating double wall helps protect hands from condensation while helping to keep your coffee or summertime beverages cold longer“. The form of the cup also ensures ultimate comfort while holding the drink, which is as close to perfection as it could possibly get!

Whether you already have a favorite drink or you’re a Starbucks newbie, there’s definitely something for everyone. In fact, they have added a number of new drinks to their much loved menu, among which can be found the:

  • Valencia Orange Starbucks Refreshers;
  • Shaken Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade;
  • Orange Spice Iced Coffee.

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Cool Off with a Free Starbucks Tall Iced Beverage

Daily commutes to Starbucks for the regular iced grande caramel macchiato with extra caramel drizzled on top can certainly rack up a hefty monthly bill on indulgences for the Starbucks lovers out there.

Luckily, for a couple of days, registered members of the Starbucks Rewards program can get a free tall iced beverage of their choice.

The Rewards program is actually free to join as long as you charge a regular Starbucks Card with $5 (but this money isn’t lost as it remains on the card for you to use whenever). Once registered, you earn points for every transaction, which can also be completed with the Starbucks mobile app. The program also rewards members with free drink, refills and even food.

Once registered, members can either print the offer below or show it at participating Starbucks locations to claim the free drink.

What is your favorite Starbucks drink?

Starbucks Logo

Do Good, Get Good: Free Starbucks Coffee or Tea for Earth Day

Today only, on Earth Day 2013, Starbucks is giving out a free brewed coffee or tea to anyone who brings a re-usable coffee mug (tumbler, travel mug, etc.).

Find out where your nearest Starbucks is with the handy store locator.

Speaking of which, though it makes sense to think that bold coffee has the most caffeine, did you know that it’s actually the opposite? Lighter brews hold the most caffeine as the longer beans are roasted, the more caffeine is lost.

So, when the Starbucks baristas ask: “what kind”, which will be your answer to this daily asked question?

Bring any re-usable cup and savor a free coffee or tea at participating Starbucks locations.

Awaken Your Senses with Starbuck’s 15% Off All Orders

Starbucks Save 15%

Starbucks’ official online store is the number one best place to not only get all things related to this ultra-popular company, but also to purchase all things coffee-related from beans, mugs, tumblers and even straws and machines. During a couple of days only, save 15% off all online orders at Starbucks.

Though Verismo products are excluded from this promotion, keep checking our Starbucks page for upcoming discounts.

Details: Get 30% off your order
Expires: 25th March, 2013
Visit Starbucks here

Starbucks Willow BlendMake your morning more pleasant with a cup of coffee that will not only awaken your mind but that will also tantalize your senses. Labelled as a blonde roast, the Willow Blend contains a higher caffeine level as its beans were roasted for a shorter time (dark roast means less caffeine).
For all those fans of the famous caramel macchiato, though we just recently wrote an article about how much money can be saved making this tasty drink at home with the help of a Verismo machine, there is an alternative way of making it using filtered coffee, which can be created with the same vanilla syrup used across all Starbucks locations.

Starbucks Cold Cup
With summer and hotter than hot temperatures coming up, you’re going to need a BPA-free and well-insulated cup to keep your iced beverages cold. The 16 oz cold cup is definitely worth the discounted price of $8.45, especially since it even includes the hard to lose green straw. Speaking of which, have you seen the holiday cold cup straws, already reduced to $1.99 and which fall down to an even lower $1.69 for a set of 3? That’s close to $0.50 for each reusable and authentic Starbucks straw!

What’s your favorite Starbucks blend?

Special Starbucks Treat Alert: Free Hazelnut or Caramel Macchiato

For all you Starbucks and most importantly coffee fans, have we got a freebie for you! Until the end of the month of March 2013, claim your free tall cup (12oz) of a Hazelnut or Caramel Macchiato at participating Starbucks locations.

While there appears to be some confusion online about the nature of this offer — whether it’s a printable or simply available upon showing up in-stores, we suggest that you call your nearest Starbucks to make sure the offer is available.

After talking to a number of our VoucherCodes friends, it would seem that a flyer providing the discount is freely available at certain Starbucks stores (source: TinyPic).

Which Starbucks Macchiato will you be indulging in?

Free Tall Blonde Coffee at Starbucks with Purchase

Clear a special spot in your morning commute and schedule a stop at your local Starbucks for a delicious, freshly ground brew. Buy any drink and get a free tall Blonde roast coffee with your order. I guess that blondes really do have more fun!

From January 9th to January 12th 2013 until 11am each day, this offer yours for the taking. It’s a light roast with an easier taste to gently wake your senses up. A very mellow and super flavorful brew, this coffee is going to tickle your taste buds with pure delight.

Pick up the New Verismo 580 System and Save $50 off at Starbucks Canada

Save $50 on Verismo 580 System

A little while back, I wrote about the new Verismo machine from Starbucks that had been taking the coffee world by storm. With this splendid machine, not only can you create delicious beverages at home without the need of having to put on pants to go outside, but it also saves you up to 40% off of the same great coffee that you can get from your local store. Right now, you can save even more on this money-saving gadget since for a limited time, you can pick up the 580 system for $149. That’s a whopping $50 off the normal price!

Looking for even more yummy, money saving goodness? Check out our Starbucks store page.

Visit Starbucks Here to save $50 on the Verismo 580 Machine
Expires: 1st January, 2013

Starbucks Cafe Latte pods To make your coffee experience even sweeter, there’s also a free box of Cafe Latte Pods that is included with the purchase of a Verismo system. Sink your teeth into that deal!

The system differentiates itself from other products in its niche as it features two separate compartments for the coffee and the milk, hence delivering an even richer experience. By inserting both the milk and coffee pods, you’re on your way to enjoying fresh, home-brewed coffee within seconds – just like they make in stores.

I haven’t had the chance to try this unique system out yet, but any machine that will make a perfect Caramel Macchiato is number 1 in my books! Have you had the chance to try this system yet? Let us know what your thought are on it and if you will be taking advantage of this offer.

Buy One Holiday Drink at Starbucks and Get one for Free for a Friend (Or yourself)

Buy one, Get one Free at Starbucks

It’s time for a coffee break because Starbucks will be getting you (and, potentially a friend) caffeinated to the extreme. From November 15th to November 18, visit select locations between 2pm and 5pm to buy one holiday drink and get another one at equal or lesser value for free.

You could also do what I might be doing on those days: keep both drinks to yourself! In fact, I might actually do that –not because I’m greedy– but because Starbucks coffee is my kryptonite.

Find a Starbucks location near you here.
Expires: 18th November, 2012

Just writing about this is making me crave one of their festive drinks right now! Two large drinks for the price of one? Yes please!

Starbucks DrinkThere are 4 drinks that apply to this offer:

  • Caramel Brule Latte
  • Peppermint Mocha
  • Eggnog Latte
  • Gingerbread Latte

I’ve had the chance to get my hands on the Caramel Brule, and let me tell you … it overwhelmed my taste buds with scrumptious deliciousness. It wasn’t overly sweet and went down smooth just like a latte should. My next flavor to try will definitely be the Peppermint Mocha one.

Which drink are you going to pick up? Will you share it with a friend?

Brew a Cup of Starbucks Coffee at Home with a Verismo Machine

Verismo Machine from Starbucks

All right, confession time: I have a bad habit of breaking my budget and succumbing to the delicious culinary drinks from Starbucks. It’s a bit out of the way at times and involves having to put on pants to go out. No more will I have to leave the comfort of my home thanks to the new Verismo machine from Starbucks. As a bonus, I also have a 10% off code that you can use towards this ingenious idea (and others).

Details: Save 10% on your first purchase
Expires: Not Provided
Visit the Starbucks Store here

Starbucks podsKeep in mind that you also get a free box of Cafe Latte pods when you order a machine.

The price can seem daunting for some at $199, but I brought out my math skills and was quite surprised when I saw what the difference in price was if you were to buy the machine and drink your coffee this was versus buying it in store. Obviously, I wouldn’t be drinking it every day of the year, but I calculated it as such for simplicity sake.

I buy regular Caramel Macchiatos and they come out to about $5.60 each time. There’s a recipe guide as well which explains how you can make these tasty drinks at home.

In-Store for an entire year: $5.60 x 365 = $2044
At home for an entire year: $595.70 + $199 = $794.70
(-A box of 8 Latte pods is $12.95, so figure 46 boxes a year which comes out to a total of $595.70)
(-The Machine itself at $199)

That’s a difference of about 40% for the same drink that you would buy in store for an entire year. That’s huge! Just imagine what you could do with those savings!

We also have a dedicated Starbucks Store coupon page with other offers like this one.

Shipping is also free on orders of $75 or more. Do you plan on buying it?

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