Enjoy up to 40% Off Storage and Organizers at Staples

Up to 40% off at Staples

I recently moved into my first house and I’m discovering that I’m becoming an organization fiend. I can’t stand things being cluttered and jumbled together and have been slowly making the effort to make my house more de-cluttered. Staples is about to make my life a little bit easier and help me save with up to 40% off on storage and organizer items. Some of these items may be great for organizing your coupons.

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Expires: 5th October, 2012 (or while supplies last)

Staples bookcase bygone of the best buys that caught my eye were the shelving units that are perfect for stockpiling. I went into detail on it a previous article I had written on the subject and the shelves are ideal for this. The price can seem daunting–the smallest unit here is $80.91–but they are study pieces of equipment that can pack a punch if need be.

I was also instantly attracted to the bookcases since we need an endless supply of them in my house–we’re four people with an ample amount of Dvds, books, video games and board games– and we’ll take any chance we can to save money. These Talon 5 shelf ones at $63.99 are exactly what we need.

Get Caffeinated and Save $10 on Select Coffee Makers at Staples

$10 off select coffee makers at Staples

Here’s a fun fact: A 20-person office drinks 62 cups of coffee a day, where the average Canadian drinks about 2.8 a day–I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t drink only 0.8 of a cup. If you’re looking to help your caffeine addiction along you can pick up a Keurig or Tassimo machine from Staples and get $10 off it. Plus, as a bonus, the discs for the machines are on sale as well at 15% off.

If you’d rather something else that will give you a buzz but has no caffeine in it, check out our Staples coupon page.

Details: Save $10 on a Tassimo or Keurig coffee machine
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Expires: 14th September, 2012
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Tassimo discsLet me start off with saying that I’m not an expert on the Keurig machine since I don’t have one and have never used one. I do have friends that have one however, and give it high praise.

The Tassimo, however, is my baby and one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. With our old coffee machines we noticed we were wasting a lot; there was either too much coffee that so we’d throw some of it away and waste filters and beans in the process. With this machine, we can make one cup at a time without wasting anything and it’s always brewed perfectly–my mom would always complain that I would brew coffee too strong for her. A regular T-disc box makes 14 cups of coffee and usually runs for about $7.00-$7.50; which, if you do the math and add up how much coffee beans and filters cost, it could actually be cheaper.

Both machines aren’t just meant for coffee and have hot chocolates and teas available for brewing. I know Tassimo just announced that they were going to start carrying Tim Horton’s coffee and Tetley teas.

Keurig machines run from $99-$199 where the Tassimo machines run from $99-$149. Don’t forget to pick up coffee discs at the same time and get 15% off of them at Staples!

There are 2 articles that we here at vouchercodes wrote about coffee machines that might educate you a little:

A guide to single serve coffee machines
Buying a coffee machine as a gift

Today Only: Save $20 on a Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker at Staples

Staples Tassimo Deal

Today only, you could get the Tassimo T46 brewer for only $99 after a $20 discount at Staples Canada. This promotion is part of their 1 day sale section where customers can find greatly discounted deals on select office products such as pens, monitors, calculators, USB drive, you get the picture.

This deal on the coffee brewer is available online only while supplies last, so don’t waste any time and shop it now if its been on your watch list. Delivery is free on orders over $50 and if you order by 6pm today, you should receive it tomorrow between 9am and 5pm.

Funny Coffee Ad
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If you don’t have a good coffee machine and you’re heading back to school this semester, I think you should definitely consider gearing yourself up with a brewer. Not only will it save you money from buying your coffee at school every day, but it will also allow you to stay awake during the inevitable long (and sometimes boring) hours spent in class. A while ago we wrote an interesting article on the different types of coffee machines and one on single serve ones in particular that might interest you.