SPC Card

SPC Card $10 Free Gift Card

SPC CardIf you are a student then keep reading. The student card aka SPC Card (the Student Price Card) allows you to get a host of varying discounts at online stores and retail stores in Canada. But I just found out that normally the card when bought in stores is $9 but if you buy it online you get a free $10 gift card and shipping is $2, therefore in essence the card only costs you $1!

So for $1 you can get discounts at stores like Burger King, Zellers, The Source, Body Shop, Harvey’s Second Cup, Swiss Chalet, First Choice, Payless and many more. What a bargain. In fact if you search on the site with the keyword “SPC Card” then I am sure you will get loads of SPC coupon codes and deals for brands like Aldo and more.

So now you can get student deals on fashion, food, entertainment, lifestyle, travel and more. If you didn’t know the SPC Card is Canada’s most popular student loyalty program providing students with discounts and deals at thousands of retail and restaurant locations across Canada.

Do I qualify for the card? “SPC Card is an exclusive student membership program. Any aged student may use an SPC Card including any elementary, junior high school, secondary school, CÉGEP, college, university, private and public academies and schools of special focus or interest (e.g. language schools).”

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