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Snapfish Canada’s Incredible Offers: Free Shipping, 35% Off Posters And More!

Snapfish Canada Free Shipping & 35% Off Posters

Is it just me or is the banner overhead a cuteness overload? Now take a moment to picture your child’s picture maximized into a poster, which can then be gifted to family members or hung up in a family room. Make the moment you just imagined happen and save 35% off posters at Snapfish Canada. If you would rather portray your pictures elsewhere (say on clothes or in a photo book), then use the code below to enjoy free shipping on orders over $30.

Details: Enjoy free shipping on $30+
Expires: 31st July, 2013
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Details: 35% off posters
Expires: 31st July, 2013
Visit Snapfish Canada here

Photo PuzzleMake playtime that much more rewarding with your little one by putting together a photo puzzle of the two of you. Subsequently, glue the finished puzzle into a picture and hang it in the hallway or anywhere else in the house. These two activities combined not only enhance the bonding experience but also gives your child something to be proud of, especially if it’s showcased for everyone to see.

Bag TagFor those who struggle to keep everything organized in a busy household, most notably when it’s time to go on a much-needed family vacation, then use everyone’s picture in a bag tag, which can then be affixed to individual suitcases. In fact, these could even be used for gym bags, lunch boxes… the possibilities are endless.

In case you’re only interested in photo gifts, we also have an incredible code for 25% off!

It’s Never Too Late: Up to 30% Off Photo Gifts at Snapfish Canada for Father’s Day

Snapfish Up to 30% Off

While today, June 16th 2013, is Father’s Day, for those who have yet to have found the perfect gift despite the many deals available, a late photo gift is better than no gift at all!

You have until the end of the day to save up to 30% off photo gifts at Snapfish Canada:

Details: Enjoy 30% off photo mugs
Expires: 16th June, 2013
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Details: Save 25% off photo cards
Expires: 16th June, 2013
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Details: 20% off 11×14″ lay flat books
Expires: 16th June, 2013
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Be sure to check out our Snapfish Canada page for codes to save on other photo gifts and even one to benefit from 2-day shipping.

Photo MugAny coffee or tea-lovin’ dad is sure to appreciate a wonderful photo mug with either a picture of the two of you together or perhaps of his favorite scenery — a stunning picture from his last vacation maybe?

Of course, who can forget the newly innovated lay flat photo books, with pages that don’t curl up in the same way that they would in a regular book. Instead they –well– lay flat to allow for every detail of the page to be seen without ruining the book!

Layflat Book

Share with us your experience! Have you ever created a photo gift online?

Get a Head Start for Father’s Day with Snapfish Canada’s Photo Gifts and Save 25%

Snapfish Canada 25% Off Photo Gifts

The time has almost come to celebrate all the fathers out there and here at, we suggest you get a head start and order from Snapfish Canada one of the best gifts your dad has ever received: a personalized photo gift! Use the code below to save 25% and you’ll be all set for the when the big day comes on June 16th 2013!

Details: Enjoy 25% off photo gifts
Expires: 22nd May, 2013
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Father & Son PosterPhoto MugWhat better way to remind your dad that you love him than with a mug featuring –well as repetitive as it may sound– your mug on it. Surely it’s a win-win scenario as he will be reminded of your eternal love every time he drinks his favorite cup of joe in the morning!

Alternatively, there is also the option of printing a poster of the two of you together that he can then hang in his office or daily workplace.

Photo BookFor a gift that he can browse through in reminiscence of the great times, a photo book is a special gift that will most certainly warm his heart, even if he might not admit it!

In case you would prefer to make your very own DIY photo book, make sure to use our Exclusive to get 100 4×6″ prints for just $10.

Preserve Your Memories by Getting 100 Prints for Only $10 at Snapfish with the VC Exclusive

Snapfish Canada Exclusive

Even if they sometimes depict the sillier moments in life that most might prefer to hide, fact of the matter is that pictures are something to be proud of because in 20 years, you will most certainly be happy that the shots were not only taken but also that they were preserved using Snapfish Canada’s superior printing technology. As for the frugalistas out there, with our exclusive code, you will only be paying $10 for a whopping 100 prints sized 4×6″.

If you have yet to order from Snapfish Canada, a bonus 20 free 4×6″ prints will be included in the order as well.

Exclusive Snapfish Canada CouponDetails: Get 100 4×6″ prints for only $10
Expires: 15th May, 2013
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Obviously the question remains: but why should you print with Snapfish?

It’s simple really: on top of being owned by HP, which is a highly trusted company in the world, Snapfish’s website allows customers to print regular pictures as well as to transpose their pictures to a variety of items from posters, greeting cards, mugs, ornaments and many more options.

Layflat BookletAllow yourself to daydream for a minute as to how the 4×6″ layflat booklet might look sitting on your table or bookshelf.

With a picture of your child, grandchild, significant other –or anyone else for that matter– on the cover, similarly to the little girl featured on the right, imagine yourself picking up the photo book and flipping through the pages of high-quality pictures.

And the best part? Starting at just $15.99, it’s definitely worth every penny, especially since all photo books are professionally-bound and printed on archival quality, acid-free paper.

Throwing a party? Simply print your pictures onto shirts, beer steins or enlarge them into posters to be hung on the walls — really, the possibilities are endless!

Create Larger Memories and Save 50% Off 5×7 Prints with this VC Exclusive at Snapfish Canada

50% off 5x7 Prints at SnapFish Canada with this Exclusive

Having digital photos is a great thing, especially because it makes the transfer of pictures to far away relatives a breeze. Although, since nothing beats the timeless feeling of having an actual picture on hand, Snapfish Canada is offering the perfect way to transfer digital prints into photo prints. Scoop up this exclusive and save 50% off on 5×7 prints. Remember all those embarrassing photos from Christmas that your friend would prefer to stow away in some long-forgotten box? Print them out for a good chuckle!

You won’t find this exclusive anywhere else, except for on our very own picture-esque Snapfish Canada coupon page.

Exclusive Snapfish Canada CouponDetails: 50% off 5×7 Prints
Expires: 18th March, 2013
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Snapfish Item Are you thinking of popping the big question this Valentine’s Day? By big question, I don’t mean asking something silly like “honey, will you give me an epic back massage?”. I mean the big question leading to a huge wedding ceremony.

Here’s a neat idea that will grab her attention and set your proposal apart from the others: take picture of things that you love about her or that remind you of her, and then a picture of the engagement ring. After printing them at Snapfish, ask her to look through the pictures in reminiscence of each memory and as she gets to the last picture, pop the question. It’s highly doubtful that she would decline a proposal like that!

Already married or not ready to pop the question yet? Grab a bunch of pictures of both of you together, print them and create a montage of them. Remind her of all the good and lasting memories of silly moments that you have enjoyed together.

Since shipping varies by the amount of prints ordered, be sure to double-check before ordering.

Which memories will you be printing for your sweetheart?

Create your Own Calendar and Save 50% Off at Snapfish Canada

Save 50% off calendars at Snapfish Canada

It’s a bit hard to plan ahead for Valentine’s Day, but since it is right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning something unique and personalized for your loved one. Design a calendar for them by customizing it to their tastes. Make the permanent monthly reminder of good memories happen at Snapfish Canada and save 50% off calendars.

Create some more savings thanks to our Snapfish Canada coupon page.

Details: Get 50% off Calendars
Expires: 17th March, 2013
Visit Snapfish Canada here

Snapfish ItemWant a great idea of something to give your significant other? Try and find pictures from a memorable event that happened each month last year with at least one of you in the shot. Did you go to Cuba on a romantic getaway in May? Place the picture inside the calendar for the month of May. Do you celebrate an anniversary in November? Find a picture of when you first met and put it in that month!

Starting at $19.99 for just the basics, this amazing gift come up to as little as $9.99 with priceless memories inside!

What will you create for your loved one?

Immortalize Family Memories with Snapfish’s Picture-Perfect Sale – Save 45% Site-Wide


The holidays are a time of creating beautiful memories with the people you love and what better way than to publish your pictures in a photobook or even a calendar? For a limited time, take advantage of Snapfish’s picture-perfect offer and save 45% site-wide on photo products, mugs, puzzles, and many more.

For even bigger savings, visit our daily updated Snapfish Canada coupon page.

Details: Enjoy 45% off on your order.
Expires: 7th January, 2013
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Picture PuzzlePlacing family photos on everyday objects also makes for a great gift for loved ones. Take for instance this Beer Stein, which can be customized to show any picture (even one of your cat or dog!). It’s perfect for reminiscing and remembering good items when enjoying a nice cold one with a friend.

Picture Beer SteinA great pastime for a snowy afternoon can even be putting back a puzzle of your children’s picture back together. Likewise, it can be a picture of anything — maybe of a stunning sunset for added difficulty. The key factor here is that not only are you putting together a picture of your own but you’re also creating even more memories with your loved ones in the process!

By registering for Snapfish Canada, you will have access to Snapfish’s online database for storing photos and you will receive 20 free prints..

How will you be saving your memories from the holidays?