smartcanucks canada Review

I wanted to take a minute to say how much I like, every day I go out and search for deals, coupons and promotions to help Canadians save money, I think smartcanucks do a really similar thing. The site has been around a while and was started by a few guys while they were at University, the site has grown in popularity so much that it has been featured on the TV a couple of times showing people how to save money using clipping coupons you can print out from your computer and take to your local supermarket. I have used their site a few times and find it invaluable when looking for flyers, store sales and even some online discounts. This is why I wanted to give it a mention to all our RSS readers and visitors.

One of the only things missing (in my opinion) is a browse all Canadian coupons section, like we have on

We recommend people to check out, let us know what you think? Did you find the site useful? Was it easy to navigate? What would you change or add?