Slim Fast Coupon

Along with Weight Watchers Slim-fast Canada is offering a free coupon. The difference being is that slim-fast’s coupon is for a free starter kit. I don’t know how long this free slim fast free trial will last, so hurry. It was my first time on, their website is a little basic, and not super popular yet, let’s hope they update it after this coupon get’s popular.

After all those Christmas and New Year heavy meals and complete gluttony I will definitely be watching my waistline for the next few months. I find swimming the best exercise, and as nearly all our readers are based in Canada you know it can be hard to run and do exercises outside that don’t involve a lot of gear (like skiing etc), so trying to loose weight through diet can be an easier endeavor, this is where slim fast might be able to help, so try the free trial and let everyone know what you think of it in the comment section below, we would love to see some dieters review slim fast in Canada to see if it really works from unbiased sources.

Filing out their online form takes a couple of minutes and isn’t too intrusive. Customers (according to the website) should receive their kits within 3-4 weeks.

Get your free slim fast trial here