Skinners Vaporizing Salve

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Skinners Vaporizing SalveNormally Skinner’s Vaporizing Salve 1oz Jar retails at just over $2 and I am not sure what price is usually paid for shipping, but you can get both free with this freebie from

The Vaporizing Salve is for sinus congestion relief from prolonged inflammation of the sinus passages caused by common cold, allergies, or bacterial infection. So this product is pretty much a common cold remedy from what I can see. But they say these are some of the uses for their product;

– Arthritis Pain Relief
– Bruises
– Burns
– Colds
– Coughs
– Hemorrhoid Relief
– Insect Bites
– Psoriasis Relief
– Sinus Congestion Relief
– Sore Aching Joints
– Sore Muscles
– Sore Throat Relief

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