Simply Colors 50% promo

Simply Colors

Simply Colors are having a 50% off sale right now on all of their rugby and polo shirts which is really great. This company offers really cute kids outfit that you can personalize with your own design! You just decide what you want to have and they’ll make it! And the website is really easy to use so that you can see directly what the tee, polo, hoodie, dress, pants (and a lot more!) will look like.

The prices are really reasonable and we do have an extra 10% off coupon for you guys! Plus their prices ($2.95 for 1 item) are really cheap, you get a free bag with any purchase over $50 and free expedited shipping for any purchase over $75! And another really cool thing I think is that you can order something and have it delivered in another country where they also do deliveries. So if you have a cousin or sister who just had a baby in Australia, you can just go online, personalize a really cute Pj and have it send directly to her place!

So go have a look to their website and design a really unique piece of clothing for your own kids or as a gift for a friend. As you can tell I like the store, but let us know what you think about this company.

Discount: 10% off Simply Colors products
Promotional Code: BV0810
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Expires: 30th September 2010