Silk’n Summer Special: Enjoy 15% Off All Orders

Silk'n Summer Savings

We’ve all heard of the popular saying that “pain is beauty” but does it really need to be? What if you could get devices for most of your skin’s needs and best of all, at a fraction of the cost compared to seeing a professional? In case you haven’t heard, this is definitely possible with Silk’n products which range from hair removal and anti-aging devices to skincare products. To help you save even more, use the code below to save 15% off all orders at Silk’n!

Details: Enjoy 15% off hair removal and skin care products
Expires: 31st July, 2013
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Silk'n SensEpil and SwirlShaving is a long, tedious and sometimes even painful process. Skip the hassle by investing in your very own home hair removal device with the Silk’n SensEpil and Silk’n Swirl. While the former is meant to remove unwanted hair, the latter gently cleanses the face. In fact, the Silk’n Swirl can even be used in the shower as it features a water resistant exterior. This is a particularly sweet deal considering that the Silk’n SensEpil is available on its own for the same price, hence turning the Swirl into a freebie!

Silk'n Sens EpilFor those of you who already have a Silk’n device, then perhaps a refill of cartridges is just what you need and while it’s possible to buy them one cartridge at a time, save even more by ordering a pack of three. Speaking of saving more, be sure to bookmark our Silk’n page to stay ahead of their latest deals and discounts.

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No Need to Overpay for Beauty: Enjoy an Incredible $65 Off at Silk’n with the VC Exclusive

VC Exclusive Save $65 at Silk'n

Feeling comfortable in your skin shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag for visiting a professional, especially when you take care of wrinkles, hair and much more with Silk’n in less time and most importantly, on a budget. In fact, we have secured yet another Exclusive to help you save on Silk’n products and this time bigger and better than before! For a limited time, enjoy $65 off orders of $299 or more.

Exclusive Silk'n CouponDetails: Enjoy $65 off on orders over $299
Expires: 30th June, 2013
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SensEpilPreviously, I wrote about the SensEpil, a handheld device designed to remove hair anywhere. As one of the most popular of such devices, it’s one of the best ways to enjoy permanent hair removal at a fraction of a professional’s cost.

Flash&GoAs for treating more sensitive areas such as bikini lines or upper lip areas, the Flash&Go could be the answer you have been looking for; Avoid the razor bumps and self-conscious feelings for good. And the best part? Pay only $234 with the VC exclusive.

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Smoother Skin in Less Time and 20% Off Site-Wide at Silk’n with VC Exclusive

Silk'n Exclusive

With Silk’n products, gone are the pricey and time-consuming trips to a professional aesthetician! Enjoy the same effects from the comfort of your own home with the much acclaimed Silk’n products. Even better is that we have secured an amazing Exclusive to help save you 20% off your entire order!

Exclusive Silk'n CouponDetails: Save 20% site-wide
Expires: 20th May, 2013
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SensEpilPerhaps the most popular device from Silk’n is the SensEpil, an all-over hair removal handheld device. Its Skin Sensor is also great at detecting tones that are too dark for the treatment (i.g. dark tans). Keep in mind that as with any treatment of its kind, results aren’t immediate and may take a couple of weeks to become apparent — beauty is worth the wait, right?

FaceFXWith endless positive reviews, the FaceFX is definitely worth a peak if you’re looking for a device to diminish wrinkles, improve skin textures, brighten skin color and reduce pore size. Either use the promotional code above to save 20% if you’re purchasing other products as well or use our Exclusive to save $100 off on this product.

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