Get a $20 Gift Card with your Shoppers Drug Mart Purchase

This promotion only starts on Wednesday 23rd April 2014, but I wanted to let you know about it earlier so you make sure to enjoy it. So this Wednesday only, get a $20 Shoppers Drug Mart card with any purchase of $75+ at Shoppers Drug Mart. And considering the deals going on lately, I would say this is an excellent promotion.

Spending $75 at a Shoppers Drug Mart should be pretty easy as they sell health and beauty products as well as stuff for house care, basically all products that are not perishable and that we can buy in big quantities if needed. I think that the best way to enjoy this kind of promotion is by checking out what’s on sale right now at Shoppers Drug Mart and to stock-pile on these items. We never have too much tooth paste, tooth brushes, toilet paper, dishwasher soap, etc. there are a few terms and conditions on the printable coupon, they are all clearly labelled on the link below, no point in repeating them here.

For those that don’t know where to go, you can find the nearest store here.

Print this Shoppers Drug Mart $20 off $75 coupon.