Shoe Company Canada Coupons

Shoe Company Canada Coupons have a great deal out now (as can be seen in the image below. You can get 3 discounts, the first being save $10 on women’s shoes ($59.99 and more), the second is for men’s shoes, same deal $10 off but you need to spend $79.99 or more, last but not least is for the kiddies buy one pair and get $10 off their second pair. Wait there is a fourth deal, I noticed it when I went to go print the coupon (which you can do here), the last offer is a saving of 20% on all clothing (not to be used with any other discounts) this is the best offer of the lot in my opinion. You have until the 7th September 2009 to redeem these offers

Description: 10% off already reduced items
Promotion Code: “EXTRATEN”
Expires: 18th December, 2012
Description: 20% off handbags of $40+
Promotion Code: “BagHunt”
Expires: April 11th, 2012
Description: 10% off everything
Promotion Code: “BOXING10”
Expires: January 9th, 2012
Description: 20% off all final clearance items
Promotion Code: “TAKE20OFF”
Expires: August 4th

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