Sears LOOK magazine

Get Free Fashion Advice with Sears New LOOK Magazine

When I heard about this, I didn’t really got excited because I normally don’t shop for clothes at Sears. I like their stores for a bunch of other reasons, but one of the sections that I probably don’t stop by is the apparel one. So when I read that Sears would be launching a publication on the latest fashion trends, beauty, lifestyle as well as home trends I thought that it would be worth a quick look.

I checked the first edition of the LOOK online magazine and I was happily surprised by the clothes featured in it. One of my favourite sections was the one by the Sears women’s wear trend director, Cynthia Florek, who gives some really good fashion advice.

One of the things that I like about the Sears online magazine is that if we find a look that we like we can buy it straight away online at We don’t even have to look for it, as there is normally a link to the item. Don’t forget to check our Sears Canada promotions page to get the latest discounts and coupon codes.