Scholastic eBooks for $1 (limited time only)

Scholastic (the publishing company) just stepped up another notch in my estimation. Not only are these guys the publishers of the Hunger Games series (so I instantly liked the company) but they also have a large presence in the education publishing market.

In celebration of this the company is offering over 1600 educational eBooks (PDF’s) on their website for only $1. Both teachers and parents might want to pay attention to this deal, and hurry, as it will only last until May 18th 2012.

little boy blueThe sale is huge. Many of the titles on sale for only $1 were originally $20+. There are a ton of topics to choose from ranging from ‘classroom management strategies’ (for the teachers) to 50+ super-fun math activities (for parents), and for a host of age ranges (you can segment the books by grade for easy picking).

Growing up my mom was a teacher and she understood the importance of complementary learning, so she would always have me learning outside of school, with textbooks and mental exercises, I can’t say I was always happy about it (I wanted to play football instead), but it certainly prepared me for a more academic life.

Check out the select eBook sale at Scholastic