Royal Canin

Treat Your Kitty to a Free Can of Royal Canin

As the proud owner of two lovely kitties, I can say with confidence that having cats (especially multiple) isn’t cheap! From the food to the litter, the toys and sometimes even medical expenses — it can all have significant weight on one’s budget.

This is exactly what makes Royal Canin’s coupon so awesome: by simply going to their facebook page, you can get a free can of Royal Canin, choosing from 6 different flavours.

On top of being incredibly healthy, it will also improve your cat’s coat and best of all, cats absolutely love the taste of it! Do keep in mind that it actually is recommended to give cats wet food on a daily basis to make sure they stay hydrated.

Royal Canin Cans

What about you? Do you feed your cat(s) wet food?

Enjoy a fee can of any Royal Canin cat food.