Real Canadian Superstore

Save the Date and Pay No Taxes at Real Canadian Superstore (Ontario Only)

Grab your coupons and circle the date if you’re a resident in Ontario. Its no tax day on July 7th at Real Canadian Superstores! This is the best time to cash in those free item coupons you have that require you to pay the tax either way (like those recent Glade Air freshener coupons that were floating around on webSaver). It’s running on July 7th only; so clear a little spot in your hectic day to visit your local store and to save a bundle of cash.

The following exceptions do apply, however:

Excludes Alcohol, Tobacco, Prescriptions, Dry Cleaning, Gas Bar, Lotteries, Postal Services or Products from Third Party business within the store.

~ Don’t forget to make your lists and to check them twice before heading out.