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This is a gift that’s on my own Christmas gifts list. If you know someone who owns an iPod, iPhone or iPad, then a docking station with speakers is a great gift. Here are some tips to choose the best audio system, coupons for your favorite stores and to even win a iHome audio system.

Congratulations to Shanon Heitt! You just won a iHome ID91 audio system. Thanks to all the participants and don’t forget to enter the competition for today’s giveaway!

Gifts Ideas

The variety of iPod docking stations with speakers available out there is astonishing. This means that it can also be pretty hard to choose which one to get because there are so many different models that all seem to have the same functionality. So I did the research for you and here are my top 3 favorite models under $150 that are available to buy in Canada.

iHome Audio ID91
iHome Audio ID91

iHome Audio ID91, $99.99 at, Buy it Now

We like the iHome audio systems because we think that these are among the best value devices you could get for your money. They are nicely designed and they offer good sound quality. (see below to get a chance to win one!) Stephen actually owns one, he said that they work best with an app, so you may want to download it if you get this system.

Phillips Dock Clock Radio
Phillips Dock Clock Radio

Phillips Dock Clock Radio AJ7040D, $94.99 at, Buy it Now

We like this audio system for its beautiful futuristic design and the sound quality. I don’t know what more we could ask for, with such a lower price?

Sony RDPM15IPB Speaker Dock-Black
Sony Speaker Dock

Sony RDPM15IPB Speaker Dock-Black, $129.99 at, Buy it Now

All the reviews that I’ve read on Sony iPod docking stations seem to agree on one thing: its amazing sound quality. The audio system is also built robust, so it should last longer.

My Pick for the Best Design
Instudio Turin Speaker iPhone/iPod Dock

Instudio Turin Speaker iPhone/iPod Dock with Alarm Clock Radio, $69.99 at, Buy it Now

We love this audio system because of its vintage look, its remote control and its good sound quality. We weren’t able to find a review of this dock system this is why it’s not part of the top 3, but I wanted to share it with you because I just love its look. And most of the times, no reviews can also mean no angry customers.

Making a price comparison of all these systems can become quite complicated because different stores have different models. But I noticed that in terms of selection and were the most complete.

What to Consider when Buying an Audio System?

The first thing to consider when buying speaker docks as a gift is if the other person owns a compatible music device. Most audio docking systems are made for Apple devices (iPod, iPad, iPhone) but also come with a cable adapter to plug in other devices. If you buy this radio for someone who owns an iPad, make sure it will fit as not all the systems will be able to dock an iPad.

You also might want to make sure that when docking, the device is going to be charged at the same time. This is a super useful functionality as after a few years the durability of iPod and iPhone’s battery is ridiculously short. One of things most annoying about my kitchen iPod dock stereo is that it doesn’t charge the latest iphone4 or iTouch, I think it;’s a software thing, but it’s super annoying. At some point I m going to have to throw away a perfectly good stereo because of this.

If you’re buying a gift for a teenager, another good idea is to buy them a portable speaker dock system. These can be relatively cheap, about $50, and their quality is a lot better than they use to be. This is a lot of fun if you want to listen to music at the beach or when you go traveling and you’re not sure that they will have an audio system, but they are not very durable in the long run.


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Today get a chance to win a iHome ID91 audio system (value: $99.99)! Leave us a comment here on this post and you’ll automatically be added to the competition.