Up To $10 Off Quaker State Oil Change

With winter right around the corner and the imminent need for winter tires, some car owners may also be facing the cost of an oil change. Since the oil in a car really does need to be changed every 5,000 km, you might as well save a bit by printing the coupons below for up to $10 off an oil change using Quaker State products.

While you can most certainly opt for skipping the much recommended oil change, thinking perhaps that it’s just a quick way for mechanics to make extra money, fact of the matter is an oil change is absolutely essential to the smooth running of a car. This is because clean oil provides for better lubrication, it acts as a coolant and it prevents nasty particles from getting built up in the filter. It’s one of the least expensive methods to maintain a workable vehicle, or rather, not changing the oil is probably one of the most sure fire ways to kill a car prematurely, and definitely void a warranty. See Jeff’s quick and concise article on how to reduce a vehicles running cost if you’re generally interested in saving money (which I bet you are if you’re reading this post).

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Enjoy up to $10 off an oil change using Quaker State.