30-50% off Sitewide at Puma Canada until Dec 16th w/code

Puma's Semi-Annual Sale

On their website Puma is publicizing a 50% off sale, which in its own right would potentially warrant a blog post about it. However, our friends over at Puma shot us an offer this morning which is only available to a select few websites. Now I’m not sure if you can combine the 50% off and this coupon, in fact I have no idea what would happen–so try it.

I really like the actual code. I think in all my years as a couponer I have yet to see Santa in a code, I may be wrong. I’m a super festive person (Christmas songs have been playing in my house for 3 weeks now) so its great to see this.

Now. while in the top right corner of the Puma website it did tell me I was on their Canadian site (I think for some reason they stopped using their .ca–like a lot of other companies now), and it did tell me on the homepage that there was a free shipping offer, I’m not 100% certain this applies to Canadian orders. So please check their T&C’s before, or give them a quick call. Actually, I decided to do the work for you (see, I’m not that lazy), and you can read their Canada shipping policy here. So it doesn’t directly answer the free shipping part it does imply that the offers on the site are good for Canadians. But again, if in doubt double check you order before finalizing it.

Details: 30% orders of $100+ & free shipping
Expires: 16th December, 2013
Visit Puma here