PS Vita launch

The PS Vita is now Available: the Good and the Bad

The release date of the PS Vita is finally here. Starting today, Canadians can buy the Playstation Vita for $249.99 at their local electronic store. This is the price that I’ve seen at Bestbuy and Future Shop so you don’t want to pay more than that. And prices should be standard in every store, so don’t expect to pay a lot less than this.

I’m absolutely not a gamer so I had a look at the features of the PS Vita to have an idea if the device really is the most advanced portable gaming system. The Playstation Vita Wi-Fi uses 3G, has a front & rear camera, a motion sensor, a touchscreen, a rear touchpad, a GPS to locate, connect and play with friends, a cross platform play to switch from your PS Vita to your Playstation, dual analog sticks and an OLED screen. Bottom line, the PS Vita really is the most advanced portable gaming system on the market as of now.

I can’t really do a review of the device myself so I had a look at, a site that I really like as they always have helpful reviews on the latest products available. So here are a few pros and cons they have highlighted. Hope this will help you to decide whether or not to buy the PS Vita.

The good:

  • amazing visuals (almost as good as the PS3 graphics)
  • allows downloading of games over the Playstation network
  • OS is ultra-responsive
  • feels great to hold
  • excellent standby battery life

The bad:

  • requires the purchase of a separate memory card for most games and apps (= hidden cost)
  • battery life could be better
  • no video out
  • storage available is unclear