poop bags

Free Poop Bags

Poop BagsFree Poop Bags from poopbags.ca (I can’t believe their is a website dedicated to poop bags) are easy to claim. You just have to fill out the form to claim your free sample from this Canadian company. Now these are no regular poop bags, these are biodegradable and compostable PoopBags (Limit of 1 sample request per household). The freebie will be shipped within 48 hours. Allow 2-5 business days from the time it is shipped, for your samples to arrive. And if you join their newsletter each month you’ll get a chance to win a 6 months supply of PoopBags.

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Poop Bags for dogs
So to all you dog owners who leave poo on the sidewalk – clean it up! And do it for free and with the environment in mind. Did you know that “up to a trillion plastic bags per year are used around the world. While most of them go to landfill sites where, scientists estimate, takes up to 1,000 years to break down, millions still end up in waterways, trees, and in our oceans where it eventually ends up in stomachs of fish and birds.”